Friday, August 29, 2014


Hurricane Cristobal flew by us yesterday, still hanging in today,
and I just want to thank Mother Nature so very much.

Lawrencetown Beach is loaded with surfers from all over the country.
Surfers are a special breed you know.
They will drive, fly and surf miles to find the perfect wave.

Even high on MacDonald Hill 
as I zone in on my Doodle GPS
the surfers are down below
living their dream.

Not much different than this gull, really!

Gliding on the currents
being mindful
 one with nature.

Can't you just feel the energy developing here?
I know I can as I sit and watch 
these people.

 Mmmm mmmm !!
Hold on tight!
Take her all the way!

Or just waltz on the wave,
whatever it takes!

OK, where is Jim?
He's going to miss everything!
We'll keep waiting for him, Ron.
I could sit up here all day
all night for that matter.
The guys keep asking me if I want too
pitch a tent that is.
Now what is that all about?

Sunday, August 24, 2014


This time of year is made by the Gods
or as we DOODLES say
because ~

no mater if you look to the west down the beach

or south into the ocean in front of me

the waves are perfect
perfectly sized for DOODLE SWIMMERS
perfectly warmed by the ocean currents
my guys can get out into the salty water
just feel great all over.

The waves crash on you and it just feels exhilarating.

I glide on top of them when I bring Mr. Orangie back to shore.

(The video was taken on a day earlier when Ron was in the water with me)

I always worry about Ron 
even though he's a strong and experienced swimmer
always go on high alert
because you just never know
about riptides.

So as my DOODLE TAIL always says
~~ circle a date 
and don't be late 
'cause the beach is a'callin'
for y'all to come spraullin'
or what ever you like to do on the beach ~~~

DOODLE LOVE for you all!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Everywhere I turned today the clouds surrounded me
completely covering Lawrencetown Beach
with the sun breaking through
high-lighting a wee bit of the beach.

Even above this backward's surfer 
the clouds pressed on.

Climbing back up the slope just in time to pick up Daddy Jim
from his day at work ~ ~

gave me a chance for a quick glance over the expanse 
readily assuring me that life is good
tomorrow will be a beautiful day!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


After a long summer of greetings and licks,
Daddy Jim succumbed to a 24 hour bug today.

I am always waiting for the guys to ascend over the grassy dunes
and then descend to the beach below ~

but this morning was a bit slower than usual
"my Doodle Powers and all"
 could zone in on it
~ just like snapping your fingers ~

I did my familiar jaunt
up and down
the beach with ease and speed.

The surfers were learning their craft
as is the familiar scene this time of year.

such Joy in the water this time of year

but when I turned around to come back
with my faithful retrieval
Daddy Jim had returned to the car,
I knew something was up.
So Ron and I continued for a few more rounds and 
then headed back to the car 
and then home
for a snoozy day.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hi Folks!
Here we are at 9 p.m. catching the Super Moon!
The second one this summer too!
One more will grace our skies in September so be prepared.

Off to the east we catch a glimpse of the pink trail of folks flying 
to who knows where.

Can you imagine being up there and seeing this gorgeous moon tonight?
I can!

 Look at me everyone!
I'm "Mr.Orangie-less"!
The guys were all GaGa over the Super Moon
so forgot to bring "HIM" along.
Imagine that!

Oh well, I'll let it go this time
but next month 
Mr. Orangie
will be found snuggly
with in my clasp.

We slipped off the hill
and scooted down to the beach to see these two lovebirds
jumping off the lifeguard stand.

I sniffed around plenty and found seaweed and more rocks as usual.
Some people go GaGa over these rocks like you wouldn't believe.

Look 2 more lovebirds taking a selfie.

See what the Super Moon does to you without you realizing.

So with this all under our belts,
we headed back home and this greeted us as we walked into the living room.
Mother Nature!
You can be so beautiful 
in such a mysterious way.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Who doesn't enjoy slicing a huge wedge of butter
 (buttah for my New England friends)!

Huh, where did Mr. Orangie disappear to?

Head's up!
You have to keep your eye on the prize, always!

Go right through it.

 Keep going!

and return with another

"faster than the speed of Sophie Doodle"

Oh that's just me goofing around.

My new hind-end, winky tuck makes me 
feel so good!

Slicing through waves is as easy as

1, 2, 3 !!
Mr. Orangie will never get away from me!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Sauntering slowly and listening with intent 
Jim and I head into the park

ending up at the pond 
just 5 minutes into the park
filled with
flitting every where

this amazing creature with
4 wings
1/2 transparent and 1/2 chocolate brown

the pond water was so still mirror-like
with hundreds of speedy dragonflies
dodging each other and us

Do you see the double attached dragonflies 
on the right-hand side with the reflection below?
Such is the speed I was telling you about.
No one was sitting still for our cameras today.

So close these 2 were,
I suspect they were mating

After leaving and returning to
 MacDonald Hill
for fresh cool air
this seagull soared by
heading across the expanse
into the mist.

Wings of all sorts today!
Someday I will fly on the breezes like
all my winged friends!