Sunday, August 3, 2014


Sauntering slowly and listening with intent 
Jim and I head into the park

ending up at the pond 
just 5 minutes into the park
filled with
flitting every where

this amazing creature with
4 wings
1/2 transparent and 1/2 chocolate brown

the pond water was so still mirror-like
with hundreds of speedy dragonflies
dodging each other and us

Do you see the double attached dragonflies 
on the right-hand side with the reflection below?
Such is the speed I was telling you about.
No one was sitting still for our cameras today.

So close these 2 were,
I suspect they were mating

After leaving and returning to
 MacDonald Hill
for fresh cool air
this seagull soared by
heading across the expanse
into the mist.

Wings of all sorts today!
Someday I will fly on the breezes like
all my winged friends!