Friday, August 29, 2014


Hurricane Cristobal flew by us yesterday, still hanging in today,
and I just want to thank Mother Nature so very much.

Lawrencetown Beach is loaded with surfers from all over the country.
Surfers are a special breed you know.
They will drive, fly and surf miles to find the perfect wave.

Even high on MacDonald Hill 
as I zone in on my Doodle GPS
the surfers are down below
living their dream.

Not much different than this gull, really!

Gliding on the currents
being mindful
 one with nature.

Can't you just feel the energy developing here?
I know I can as I sit and watch 
these people.

 Mmmm mmmm !!
Hold on tight!
Take her all the way!

Or just waltz on the wave,
whatever it takes!

OK, where is Jim?
He's going to miss everything!
We'll keep waiting for him, Ron.
I could sit up here all day
all night for that matter.
The guys keep asking me if I want too
pitch a tent that is.
Now what is that all about?