Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peace in many ways!

Are you keeping up with me?
I told you last time that I had more to share with you.

Well, by the time we reached the end of the beach some surfers began to arrive.

I kept my eye on them because sometimes they call me over.
A free nuzzle always makes the beach visit that more enjoyable.

 I kept my eye on Jim while he got his feet wet.
I guess someone wasn't paying any attention.....'SNICKER'DOODLE!!

So as I was saying ~~~
 more surfers had their eyes on their goal
~~~ the perfect wave ~~~

It's as if they are in a trance
nothing will stop the march of the determined surfer.

These guys had already made it out into smooth wave action.
A seal had arrived and was sizing them up.
It was just on the other side of that ripple
and they thought it wanted to join in.

 Guess not!
This could be it!

I couldn't show you the disappointment on their faces.
The wave just faded away.
But look at this guy coming!

He had this smile on his face the entire walk down the beach.

A quick adjustment and out he paddled with guys and the seal.

Jim had managed to fulfill his inner peace
like he usually does
with a saunter after some Qi Gong moves,

while this fellow paddled ever so slowly
watching the birds fly by...

careening on the air currents
around MacDonald Hill.

Time to go home
have breakfast!
I know I worked up a good DoodleAppetite!

Peace to all my friends!
Tomorrow is Canada Day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Joy in the Morning !!

Up good and early ~~~
it maybe not be 
'bright and early'
but I had a grand time!

The sand has returned to Lawrencetown Beach
which means we get to walk the full expanse
and in this case
with very few people.

When it's overcast like this
the ocean is calm
with a few waves trying 
to amount to something.

This was absolutely perfect for me
because I've been spending
the last 3 weeks protecting 
my paw from unexpected
twists and turns that I'm noted for ~~~
Doodle Dancing you know!

 Daddy Jim is overjoyed too
because walking the beach had been put on hold for this period.

See, Jim!
My paw feels really good.

Even your teasing game
I can handle.

The right - left ear flap - head bob with Mr. Orangie
usually tells me that I'm feeling so much better.


Next time I'll show you who else was on the beach!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lake William Swim

Hi Ho!
I'm standing in the warm lake water
along the edge of Lake William
outside the city.
Do you see all that yellow?
Well, it's pollen 
it's everywhere right now.
I won't let that bother me in the least.
I have some swimming to do
so I can strengthen my leg.

Very peaceful here
as you will see!

This is perfect for me right now!

Passing the neighbour's bright yellow boat and dock
I knife through the water allowing my paws to pull me into the shore,
also, my rudder tail helps direct me.

Oh yes, Mr. Orangie 
helps me out a lot.
Wouldn't be a good swim without Ol' Faithful!

The dog paddle ~~ stroke after stroke!
I know I'm getting better
as each day passes!


I hope you are enjoying your day 
as much as I am.


Come in for swim next time!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Reunion at my Place!

Convalescing at my house means sauntering through
the tall grasses and flowers while readying for some visitors ~~~

 Daddy Jim has been rather excited lately
because some friends from the 60's
are coming to visit and to celebrate ~~~ 

45 years ago in 1968 
they spent the summer together
and called themselves the 
The L'Town Gang.

So Jim has been getting the house in order
with newly painted walls,
freshening up the hardwood floors,
straightening up the garden where needed.

When he has a goal,
his sites are set.
Look out
that's all I can say.

His pet peeve is buttercup!
I leave it at that!!

Even my next door neighbour, Milo had his eyes on us 
as we appeared to be so industrious.

Mosquitoes are to Daddy Jim
like ants are to honey.

Then from out of nowhere
they appeared
my favourite people
on the planet!
~~~ Paulette and Dilly ~~~

You are right this is Dilly!
Cool name, eh!!

and this is Paulette,
she has soothing hands
I want you to know.

While they oohed and aahed over the rhodos and other flowers,
I sniffed the grass for munchies.

Mike, Dilly, Paulette and Jim really had a grand reunion.
There was plenty of food 
Jim made a seafood chowder to die for.
 The smiles tell it all!

You know how it is when you haven't seen someone for ages
and you pick up from where you left off
just like it was yesterday?
Well this is how they were the other day!

I, for one
was so happy to be part of their reunion.
Come again Mike, Dilly and Paulette.
My backyard is always open!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sore Paw Saunter

Well, it seems an old injury from my youth
has come back to haunt me.
My front right paw is very sore
and I'm limping now.

Managing the rocks and pathways
has to be done slowly.
Jim shows me the easiest route to take.

Along the harbour shoreline at Point Pleasant Park this afternoon
we saw so much on the water near this old fortress.

~~~ group after group of youngsters learning how to manouevre their boats ~~~

~~~ different sizes and ages all within a stones throw of each other ~~~

~~~ some people nearby were satisfied to just sit and take in the moment
of peacefulness and tranquility ~~~

My favourite path is so much easier on my paw.
I super sprained it on Labour Day 2008
and I had to pull way back with activity.
It seems it's vulnerable 
and any unnecessary hops or jumps
set it off.

Now as I saunter along quiet paths
and sniff the remains of old trees ~~~

and deal with the grasses tickling my nose

I look forward to the day when I can stand up straight and tall
like these sedges not feeling any discomfort.

The clouds seem to suggest that my hopes will become so,
if only I could remember 
not to be so excited sometimes.

I am listening Jim,
I try so hard to be careful
and the guys say
 I'm so much better than I used to be.