Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lake William Swim

Hi Ho!
I'm standing in the warm lake water
along the edge of Lake William
outside the city.
Do you see all that yellow?
Well, it's pollen 
it's everywhere right now.
I won't let that bother me in the least.
I have some swimming to do
so I can strengthen my leg.

Very peaceful here
as you will see!

This is perfect for me right now!

Passing the neighbour's bright yellow boat and dock
I knife through the water allowing my paws to pull me into the shore,
also, my rudder tail helps direct me.

Oh yes, Mr. Orangie 
helps me out a lot.
Wouldn't be a good swim without Ol' Faithful!

The dog paddle ~~ stroke after stroke!
I know I'm getting better
as each day passes!


I hope you are enjoying your day 
as much as I am.


Come in for swim next time!