Monday, June 24, 2013

Reunion at my Place!

Convalescing at my house means sauntering through
the tall grasses and flowers while readying for some visitors ~~~

 Daddy Jim has been rather excited lately
because some friends from the 60's
are coming to visit and to celebrate ~~~ 

45 years ago in 1968 
they spent the summer together
and called themselves the 
The L'Town Gang.

So Jim has been getting the house in order
with newly painted walls,
freshening up the hardwood floors,
straightening up the garden where needed.

When he has a goal,
his sites are set.
Look out
that's all I can say.

His pet peeve is buttercup!
I leave it at that!!

Even my next door neighbour, Milo had his eyes on us 
as we appeared to be so industrious.

Mosquitoes are to Daddy Jim
like ants are to honey.

Then from out of nowhere
they appeared
my favourite people
on the planet!
~~~ Paulette and Dilly ~~~

You are right this is Dilly!
Cool name, eh!!

and this is Paulette,
she has soothing hands
I want you to know.

While they oohed and aahed over the rhodos and other flowers,
I sniffed the grass for munchies.

Mike, Dilly, Paulette and Jim really had a grand reunion.
There was plenty of food 
Jim made a seafood chowder to die for.
 The smiles tell it all!

You know how it is when you haven't seen someone for ages
and you pick up from where you left off
just like it was yesterday?
Well this is how they were the other day!

I, for one
was so happy to be part of their reunion.
Come again Mike, Dilly and Paulette.
My backyard is always open!