Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry folks!
a glitch in my git along and

too much dance fever
and I goofed up my b'day post.
(stay tuned)
........still making posting errors for the second time around
bare with my dad...he's pulling out his follicles!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mouth Full!

Hey Y'all!

Can you tell I'm chewing another one of my favourites!

Since my yard has plenty of trees....

I have the pick of the litter no... of all the dead limbs....

that fall to the ground, especially since we've had so many wind storms this winter.

The enjoyment one gets from this is really an "out there and beyond" experience.

So the next time you con your way out to the backyard...
remember to do the 'spread eagle' ear move and

stare longingly and before the 'doodles can doodle' you are out there
chewing until your heart's content.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our New Beach from a Winter Angle

a nor'ester came barreling in and gouged a large area
of the rocks and sand dunes away on Lawrencetown Beach.
This opened up the Atlantic Ocean to a clear path
to pummel the cranberry bog.
We decided to trek this area yesterday so see if there were anymore major changes.

The new space is still 'the makings of ' a new inlet/sandy beach.
It's only been a month however some rocks have shifted  
filling more of the once protected area.
The snow covers the sand now but once it is gone
the obvious change will be visible.

Sophie decided it was the perfect place for a break in the walk.

While Jim took pictures of Ron taking pictures of me...

vicey versey was happening with Ron taking pics of Jim and me!

There is so much I have to do to please these humans, you know.

All in all it could be worse.
So really, there are no complaints from me in the least.
A walk, a run and the 'bestest' of company.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Wee Bit Windy Today !

I'd pretty much put up with anything to have my ball safely
lodged between my dentures! the title states...
It's a wee bit windy in my neck of the woods lately!

^^This windblown look reminds me of Woody the Woodpecker.^^

^^You'd think that all this facial hair blowing in my face would tickle^^

^^Well you know it kinda does, but I'm so used to it^^

^^Bring it on that Maritime Nor'ester wind. I can take it^^

 With this powerful wind coming off the ocean forming the magnificent sea spray,
 Jim has to hold on for dear life to remain upright.

No wonder I have to keep an eye on these guys.
A doodle's work is never done!

Monday, January 24, 2011

You'll Love this Blog!

Yes....take a gander at this...!
Another Nova Scotian blog!
It's called 

I found Guinness, an Irish Wolfhound, by chance one day
 as I was trolling the blogopshere.
He has the kindest visage.
The picture above is so endearing.

Don't waste any time!
You need to catch up on his adventures and mindfulness.

Trust me!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brisk & Rejuvenating Walk!

This is one jaunt I could never grow tired of...

Below... next three shots give you an idea of the length
of  Lawrencetown Beach

When the tide is low we walk the entire length
looking for seaglass and orange balls!

Today, however, the tide is high, licking at the shoreline
so we figured a bird's eye view was necessary.

I see you Ron!

I find serenity and  freedom on these outings.
..... I guess you'd say.....
.....a state of tranquility takes over my psyche.....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Point Pleasant Park~~My Shangri La! #2

We returned to PPP last week
for a much needed walk and socialization.
We were just there on Jan 2/ & see!

Immediately we start on circling the park.
We have our Nordic walking poles which helps
with upper body strength and balance. 
Unsuspecting ice is always a nuisance,
so we are prepared.

This fella looked so much like my ol' friend Clancy.^^^
After a quick sniff....not so much ;-)

From outta nowhere...this little munchkin called Digby^^
showed up looking for some real good fun.

Needless to orange ball is the major attraction.
You wanna know what I do?
Well, I hold onto the ball and circle a few times.
The unsuspecting canine sees it and wants it.
I circle again, and then drop it.
Excitement and sheer joy ensue.
I chase/they chase and the ball soon finds its way back to my mouth.

Digby's owners were calling.

That was too much fun...
see ya next time!

The park was very quiet this day.
I like it this way, however a few more 4 leggeds really make it tops!

These 2 leggeds were spying on us,
probably because we walked passed a tray of seeds left by 
a bird lover.

Back at home and staring at Ron via the mirror,
I send my "PPP" vibes at him
getting him full square in the noggin'!
I can feel another excursion comin' on...honest! is Sky Watch Friday
Take a gander!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Collar!

Recently I entered a caption contest over at
after clicking on the above link 
then click on the last picture showing a dog sitting in front of 9 donkeys.
That's my entry....woohoo...I won!
That's how come I have a new collar!
Have a look at my Asian inspired motif collar.

The suspense was palpable.....

....and there it was....
A brand new collar which happened to be my colours!
The two colours that make me a whole...brown and blond/gold!

I just love my new collar and I figure a walk 
in Point Pleasant Park tomorrow
is needed to show it off.

Many thanks go out to Joan at
for accepting my entry.

Here is another close up
so you can see the symbols.
Haven't a clue as to what they mean
but I could imagine 
Peace and Love going out to All!