Friday, January 21, 2011

Point Pleasant Park~~My Shangri La! #2

We returned to PPP last week
for a much needed walk and socialization.
We were just there on Jan 2/ & see!

Immediately we start on circling the park.
We have our Nordic walking poles which helps
with upper body strength and balance. 
Unsuspecting ice is always a nuisance,
so we are prepared.

This fella looked so much like my ol' friend Clancy.^^^
After a quick sniff....not so much ;-)

From outta nowhere...this little munchkin called Digby^^
showed up looking for some real good fun.

Needless to orange ball is the major attraction.
You wanna know what I do?
Well, I hold onto the ball and circle a few times.
The unsuspecting canine sees it and wants it.
I circle again, and then drop it.
Excitement and sheer joy ensue.
I chase/they chase and the ball soon finds its way back to my mouth.

Digby's owners were calling.

That was too much fun...
see ya next time!

The park was very quiet this day.
I like it this way, however a few more 4 leggeds really make it tops!

These 2 leggeds were spying on us,
probably because we walked passed a tray of seeds left by 
a bird lover.

Back at home and staring at Ron via the mirror,
I send my "PPP" vibes at him
getting him full square in the noggin'!
I can feel another excursion comin' on...honest! is Sky Watch Friday
Take a gander!


  1. That was a pawsomely fun-looking adventure! It's always fun meeting new furiends at the park. Of course, I'd be in that lake first thing.....

  2. Nova Scotian. It is a breath of fresh air. Love the shot of the birds and love the action shot of Sophie and Digby!

  3. Beautiful photos.....You and your new friend Digby look great together.

    Glad you had so much fun.

    Love and licks Winnie

  4. oh yes--if you don't mind I am posting on Saturday about your blog. Everyone needs to see it!

  5. It looks like you and Digby had a really great time, he's quite the runner! Those birds look a little scary to me - makes me think of an old movie! :-)

  6. Sophie...I absolutely love these photos...what a star you are and what a photographer you Dad is!!! Fan Club here in TN...we even have a little snow here today!!!

  7. Wow Sophie, looks like you meet some new friends at the park. It's been to cold here for us to go, but hopefully pretty soon Have a great weekend!

  8. Sage...actually the lake is the mouth of Halifax Harbour which is in the North Atlantic Ocean...brrrr!

    The 'sploring are so kind!

    Winnie...tks y'all

    Sharon..oooooOOO...Alfred Hitchcock...The Bird`s...NOOOOOnoooooNOOOOO!(wings flutter frantically)

    T. Blended Hearts...Yeah...Tennessee!

    Cooper and Lola...keep little snookums!

  9. I was looking at the 3rd picture from the end when I wrote about it being a "lake". Guess that's what I get for not going back to the 1st picture!! Sage doesn't seem to care if there's ice or not in the water. Maybe she's part polar bear?

    Sage's Mom

  10. Looks like everyone had fun romping in the snow. I had a bit yesterday morning, but the rain came next to wash it all away. At least I didn't have to do any shoveling. - Margy

  11. Keep up those PPP vibes, that looks like such a fantastic place. Even better when you find some friends to share it with.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Is that always the same ball, or have you got a stash of them?

  12. Do you have an extra room Sofie? I want to live with you!!

  13. Digby is almost as cute as you are...(did I really say that?)

  14. You know how to have fun, Sophie. That ball is just too exciting to resist. You and Digby look like you have so much fun, and I have to say that the little guy can run, love the picture of him with all four legs off of the ground.

  15. Sage...actually the 3rd picture is another view of the ocean harbour It's called the Northwest Arm...:-)

    Margy...Snow came here today as well and now it's raining. We have weather just like your area I guess! purchases these balls in two's at $12 a pack...Sophie tends to puncture them and then the sound makes her more OCD..she loves it that way! Becomes expensive after awhile!

    Barbara...Sophie is in total agreement...there is always room for female comics!

    Lori...that's OK..Digby was such a snuggle puggle wuggle.

    Louise...Digby was/is fast that is for sure.

  16. That Digby's a cutie too! Looks like you guys had a ball.

  17. oh..that was so much fun! and you got such cute playmates:) have a nice weekend!

  18. awww sophie!!! how beautiful your life is, girl... and those birds in the tree? there're watching you.... oooOOooOoooooO but dont be sceeeered, your dads will keep you safe!

    i checked out that site of skywatchers? OMG it is beautiful. the music, the video, well i have never seen anything like it before so thank you thank you thank you for the link!!! i will send all of my peeps there as well.

    who's a good girl.... WHO? why YOU of course... oh and i thought digby was a gorgeous lil friend... what type of breed is he/she? do you know? kinda looked like a puggle or boxer mix?

  19. Beautiful pics and we love love love Sophie the Labradoodle! Digby is a cutie too!

    Guinness sent us over and so glad to see another beautiful doodle.

  20. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, I heard about you from Guinness. Your territory looks just beautiful!! What a fun, cute one you are. Thanks for sharing the pix with us!
    Grr and Woof,

  21. Great pictures!
    What a beautiful place...
    You look so happy!
    Sofie you are really cute!

  22. awesome photos...Sophie you are a great nararator..

  23. Man it looks like you had a blast!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. Great shots. Georgie wants to play too.

  25. Your eyes will work the magic, no doubt, Sophie, and you'll be back at PPP before you know it. Digby sure is a beautiful runner, just like you. That was a great photo of him in full flight.

  26. BREATHTAKING four-legged-fury-speedy-action- pics, Ron, my BIGGEST COMPLIMENTS for this sweet and full of action documentation.....GORGEOUS....I loved it!!

    ciao ciao elvira


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