Friday, January 21, 2011

Point Pleasant Park~~My Shangri La! #2

We returned to PPP last week
for a much needed walk and socialization.
We were just there on Jan 2/ & see!

Immediately we start on circling the park.
We have our Nordic walking poles which helps
with upper body strength and balance. 
Unsuspecting ice is always a nuisance,
so we are prepared.

This fella looked so much like my ol' friend Clancy.^^^
After a quick sniff....not so much ;-)

From outta nowhere...this little munchkin called Digby^^
showed up looking for some real good fun.

Needless to orange ball is the major attraction.
You wanna know what I do?
Well, I hold onto the ball and circle a few times.
The unsuspecting canine sees it and wants it.
I circle again, and then drop it.
Excitement and sheer joy ensue.
I chase/they chase and the ball soon finds its way back to my mouth.

Digby's owners were calling.

That was too much fun...
see ya next time!

The park was very quiet this day.
I like it this way, however a few more 4 leggeds really make it tops!

These 2 leggeds were spying on us,
probably because we walked passed a tray of seeds left by 
a bird lover.

Back at home and staring at Ron via the mirror,
I send my "PPP" vibes at him
getting him full square in the noggin'!
I can feel another excursion comin' on...honest! is Sky Watch Friday
Take a gander!