Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've got my Soother!

Who needs a soother?
Every, now and again, I do!

It just plain feels good.
  I know there's some kind of instinctive 'thingie' happening. 
It takes over me like a trance and
very soon afterwards
 I return and feel a heck of a lot better...mmmm!
P.S. ... Don't tell anyone but it always helps to have a Dad foot beside me.


  1. Now Sophie, does it matter which 'Dad' foot it is? Who wants a treat......?

  2. Everyone needs a soother once in a while! Trixie likes to nibble the fur off of hers!

  3. I think that there are a lot of humans who could use a soother. And, I don't mean a couple of stiff drinks.

  4. Aww Cooper does the same thing. Usually its his stuffed kittie.

  5. Snazzy sock, there, Ron! Sophie, I think we all have a soother of one kind or another . . . I bet you make a good soother, yourself.

    P.S. Thanks for your visits to my son's blog. He's having the time of his life. You have been generous with your time. Thanks.

  6. That's a change from the orange ball. BOL! We all need some time-out to recharge.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. What IS your soother, Sophie?

    I agree, sometimes everyone needs a soother!

  8. Aw, I think we can all use a soother from time to time! Bella's is her rope bone. :)

  9. My dad was my soother too.

  10. Yup, everyone needs some kind of soother. I am guessing yours is a faux sheepskin large soft ball that possibly has a squeeker inside!
    Your Daddies socks look very comfy!

  11. Hey, I wonder if that would help my friend's dog DeeDee. She licks her front legs enough to bother the skin. I'll tell her about your soother.

  12. What is a soother anyway? I guess it's something that sooths you, right. I just never hear the word before, but you do look very comfy there.

  13. Aw, Sophie...we all have our blankie or pacy or mama's shoe. Sometimes, I still go in m closet and touch my mama's blouse, the one she wore alot. Soothes me, too.


  14. awww sophie you are such a good girl!!! i like your soother... i have one too that i sleep wiff. nuttin' to be embarrassed about, girl.
    tell your daddy that i have sent a link of his video of the voiceovers to all me friends and it is SO freekin funny!!!!! tell him merci pour moi! k? k.

  15. Chris...now that's one "nice" soother

    Liz...Tootie...I trust that's Tootie touching 'yo mama's blouse'...lol...no matter..memories and good feelings..right!

    Inger..soother..as in a baby with a "soother' in their mouth to quieten/calm them down (plastic thingie)

    Terry...try it for DeeDee's sake

    Cindy(AJ)...spot on and that's not the only one she has...different sounds/sizes and shapes (3 S's)almost like having our own orchestra!


    Ryker...nothing better!

    Pup Fan...ropes are another great invention, eh!

    Sharon...my soother is something soft and squeeky

    Scotsmad...you wanna believe it...Tasmanian Devil for an hour and then plunk with my soother

    Lemony R...spot on..I'm used continually for Sophie's wants and needs ;-)

    Cooper and Lola...stuffed kitty...mmm...keep it at that level, eh!

    Louise...uh huh...I hear ya!

    Trixie,L & SJ...yes..I completely understand that lingo!

    Jim...my treats are better than your treats...hands down!

  16. The link worked, Sophie! You are a sophisticated, accomplished blogger now. Congrats!

  17. Oh, the plastic thingie, see English is my second language, I have no kids, I looked after kids in England, but I think it was called something else there. So a soothie is like a blankie? I get it. About the dachshunds...guess what: there were no Labradoodles back then, except when quite by accident a Labrador retriever met up with a Poodle and something happened and then the result was a whole bunch of cuties, just like you!--Inger


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