Monday, January 7, 2013

Variations on a Doodle Theme

Ron here: 

After my appointment this a.m.
wanted to go to Point Pleasant Park
and with the overnight snow fall
covering absolutely everything
I chose this picture
thinking you might like to see
the same picture with different effects.

Orton-izing has become quite popular
blending the edges and making everything
soft, warm and cozy-like.

This is not a B&W 
because the white is not white
it's sort of bluish.
This is a posterizing effect
which I though was very cool
almost like a silhouette effect.

But I think this is my favourite~~~
HDR makes everything pop
you can feel the intensity of the snow laden limbs
and also the brightness of the sun coming from the right hand side.
 A wee bit of cropping and I feel like I'm under those trees
trying to catch up to Jim and Sophie Doodle.

Now for something serious!
See below!

Oh Sophie!
What's with the cute factor?
Hiding Mr. Orangie, I see!