Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crisp and Clear

It's cold here, very cold...!
-11 C (12F)
The gusting winds whip the icing sugar snow flakes
all over the place as Ron and I manage our way down the boardwalk.
I have my one and only layer on,
while Ron slipped into 5 layers, 
usually 6 (apparently he forgot one today)....humans!

Do you see the mist rising off the Atlantic Ocean away out there?
I noticed it immediately.
I guess that means the air is colder than the water.
As I mentioned it's cold here today with an extra wind chill factor 
to make you really feel that air.

But you see, this is my kind of life...!
No bugs nipping at me!
No humidity!
No rashes!
Just plain ol'
lots of snow to eat and sniff.

You'll hear and perhaps feel the coldness,
so an extra layer may be desired for viewing!

See my snow covered face.
This is just a sample of what I really can do to it.

Look Mother Nature left a bare patch
around this post for me to sniff.
Thanks are the best!

My stone loving friends will enjoy a somewhat white view
of the "blueish" stones that cover the beach.
I really think the sand is what really enhances
the blue tones other times of the year.

I have more to show you!

Next time 
in the