Monday, January 21, 2013

Land of Winter

Warning! You may want to add those layers of warm clothing, again!
I managed quite well sniffing stones and iced seaweed
without freezing my nose or toes!

I did however seem to get stuck in this snow...just teasing!
Mr. Orangie needed some attention...that's all!

Up over the snowy covered grass dune path I headed,
catching the scent of something in the air.

A school bus slowly working it's way down the road.
You can smell the exhaust fumes on the wind
which immediately brings you back to reality.
~~~If the cold didn't, the fumes will~~~

That's better~~~fresh air again!

So it seems like we are heading to another vantage point.
One you've all been to before....and if you are new to my doodle world~~~

Bouncing, sniffing sans Mr. Orangie....Huh!
Sometimes one has to experience the real world without any distractions!

My Dads seem to know what they are doing when they keep Mr. O to themselves.
Did I just admit to that?
Well I know I got a lot more sniffing in today....

and I know I had a really "COOL/COLD" time
bounding all over the place.

This view always settles me after I investigate 
every inch of the place.

My world may be going through it's winter period,
but I do know that the warmth that I feel from 
all of you just heats up my heart.

Namaste~~~My Friends~~~Namaste