Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Doggy?

 Toenails are neat and tidy!

Ears look pretty much like mine!

Blond eyebrows!
There's only one with those I thought!

 Beautiful chocolatey velvety hair!

Offset by a limey/applegreen/olive collar!

 Oh Oh!'s me again...
sporting my summer cut
as Sandra the Salon Keeper told me!

Give me 6 months and 
I'll be back to my "oh so" shaggy look!

But for now 
I'm feeling clean and tidied up
and raring to go...
full of vim and vigour!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My "Flowers for Leontien"

~~~My world is full of flowers~~~
~~flowers for you, my sweet~~

~~~Sweet Spring Blooms for you!~~~


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Flowers for Leontien

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sophie has her nose into something!

I know there is something yummy in this patch.
Something smells "delish"....
every time I stroll by here!

It was lip smacking good....
take it from me,
it was "delish"!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Grotto Drinking!

 This is my NEW drinking spot....!

 I call it a Grotto because it is made of large slabs of rock
and spring water perpetually flows through.

It's such a great find because after running around
the Park for an hour I can load up
on all the H2O that I need!
Kachingo Bongo!

 On the way home the other day we stopped off at 
Fort Needham for a roll around in the grass.

 Somebody seems to be HAPPY...I'd say!

Just one other thingy...
I got a brand new bed covered in corduroy
 may I if you couldn't tell.

I love it too bits.....Zzzzzzzz!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little BLUE Flowers!!

 These little fellers are blooming everywhere 
in my front yard and backyard.

 I know there is something worthy of discovering
in amongst all these little darlings.

I've sniffed and searched pretty much every corner
of the yards...

 without a tingle in my nostrils.

I'll keep at it though,
'cause I saw Daddy Ron throw something
in here and I'm not about to let it get away.

There now maybe I can see in between the flowers
with Daddy Ron's new editing challenge...sort of brightens 
up the flowers as if it's infrared light.
Did I tell you he's having fun, again!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beautiful day at the beach today, folks!

Sunday morning
...up bright and early
to walk the beach
along the river.

Serene, peaceful and calming

...perfect combination...

I caught my ball many times
and went in the water for a dip.
 A fisher flipped his line
 into the water 
over and over.

I'd say this is the beginning 
of another perfect day,
once again
in my doodle world!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Peek a boo!

Saturday Night Doggy Fever!

 An impromptu visit to Mary's place
~~~Country Critter Sitters~~~
my doggy daycare farm home
was so what we needed.

Lots of new puppy friends...these 2 look like twins.
See my tail whooshing by on the right!

 The humans played Tri-Ominos...while

 ...everyone snoozed under the table...
this isn't's Maya another doodle
a real sweetheart like me only with straighter hair!
The wee little cairn was in "hump" mode
now somewhat quite exhausted after
attacking the girls as they slept...the nerve!

 I helped with the hostessing,
got to make sure everyone is fed well.

As you can see Maya loves to play
with everyone!

Chloe was not grumpy really,
just taking it all in..
but seemed to have a hankering for Ron!

All in all,
 we had a great visit
even if my doodle mania
gots me to spinning around a lot.
Maya understood though...
we are best bros, now!

Friday, April 13, 2012

One on One with Ron

 One on one  
with Dad Ron.

Yes it is overcast but all I need is
some sand, my ball and the ocean nearby.

~~~This time of year  the beaches are pretty much deserted~~

This small patch of sand 
So I can always
expect it to be there...waiting for us,
because Mother Nature has decided
that a beach is required at this spot
for me to play on...really!

It's there waiting for me and my Dads 
and a good romp and roll!

So friends, I hope you will all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love of the BALL!

As the wind whips past my face,
sending my "gorgeous" blond eye brows
over my eyes....
(see the hint of blue in my mouth)

I remember last summer when Yellow Fellow
was my one and only...

when Mocha chased me over the rainbow
to play with Mr. Orangie...

that Mr. Orangie,
 was and is 
always a tease,
laying there quietly and still...
(unlike the water behind me)

and with Mr. BlueWhistleBall  snuggled in my jaw
even a distant friend...

was not going to take my ball from me!

Mr. Bionic entered my life so very recently and 
gets me very hyped up....

but I can be just as calm...really!

So folks,
my life with my round bouncys
is fulfilling and calming....
letting me meet and experience so many new friends
that I otherwise may have missed.
Thank you
Mr. Orangie
Yellow Fellow
Mr. BlueWhistleBall
Mr. Bionic

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mocha Returns!

I was jaunting down the beach today,
just minding my own busyness and

LOOK who I ran into!

We sniffed, then turned on a dime 
and headed down the beach for Mr. Orangie.

So nice to see her again...

After running and swimming we took off sniffing for something...anything!

Look what we found!
Any ideas what it is?
Keep guessing!

Such good behaviour always is rewarded.
See how still we are...I was twitching inside...really!

Off for one last buddy jaunt,
 we still play well together.


Did you figure out what the shiny thingie was
that we found on the beach?

Next time....!