Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heads Up....Spreading the Word!

I know that there are peeps out there
who enjoy my other Dad's blog

He is having a giveaway of
*Nova Scotian* booty.

Do you have a gift for expression?
A gift for appreciation?
A gift for mindfulness?
A gift for laughter?
A gift for the glass 1/2 full?

Well then, take a jaunt over 
by clicking the link above (his blog title)...
open up your creative mind
and tell him a good story and
you'll see what he is giving away
to anyone in the world...


You see he's everywhere....!

But mainly walking the Lawrencetown Beach boardwalk with me and Ron.

Looking for ideas
for his blog!

Whether it be Mother Nature making the surfers happy...

or whether it be Me with Mr. BlueWhistleBall
sauntering back to the car after a good run
and a much needed sleep with Mr. Carrot
when I get home....phew(that was long)

The thing is he so appreciates the connections
he has made and wants to express this appreciation
through get your thinking caps on
and say something...say anything....everyone is welcome 
to this story telling event!