Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love of the BALL!

As the wind whips past my face,
sending my "gorgeous" blond eye brows
over my eyes....
(see the hint of blue in my mouth)

I remember last summer when Yellow Fellow
was my one and only...

when Mocha chased me over the rainbow
to play with Mr. Orangie...

that Mr. Orangie,
 was and is 
always a tease,
laying there quietly and still...
(unlike the water behind me)

and with Mr. BlueWhistleBall  snuggled in my jaw
even a distant friend...

was not going to take my ball from me!

Mr. Bionic entered my life so very recently and 
gets me very hyped up....

but I can be just as calm...really!

So folks,
my life with my round bouncys
is fulfilling and calming....
letting me meet and experience so many new friends
that I otherwise may have missed.
Thank you
Mr. Orangie
Yellow Fellow
Mr. BlueWhistleBall
Mr. Bionic