Monday, April 16, 2012

Peek a boo!

Saturday Night Doggy Fever!

 An impromptu visit to Mary's place
~~~Country Critter Sitters~~~
my doggy daycare farm home
was so what we needed.

Lots of new puppy friends...these 2 look like twins.
See my tail whooshing by on the right!

 The humans played Tri-Ominos...while

 ...everyone snoozed under the table...
this isn't's Maya another doodle
a real sweetheart like me only with straighter hair!
The wee little cairn was in "hump" mode
now somewhat quite exhausted after
attacking the girls as they slept...the nerve!

 I helped with the hostessing,
got to make sure everyone is fed well.

As you can see Maya loves to play
with everyone!

Chloe was not grumpy really,
just taking it all in..
but seemed to have a hankering for Ron!

All in all,
 we had a great visit
even if my doodle mania
gots me to spinning around a lot.
Maya understood though...
we are best bros, now!