Thursday, October 30, 2014


Over the passed 7 years of my Doodle Life
I have gotten to know Laura
who works at the Three Dog Bakery nearby.

Well, recently she informed us that she is in the middle
of a massage course for animals.

She asked my Dads if she could use me as a guinea pig.
Excuse me I'm a Doodle Pig !
But for this time being I can be whatever she wants me to be.

Don't you feel relaxed already?
I am in DOODLE NIRVANA, seriously !

Even my TOE-TOES were manipulated,
needless to say I am more that happy with this relationship.

Just take a look and listen !
I am zonked and I am quiet !

Laura, you are more than welcome to call me a Guinea Pig
anytime you want.
Huh? What you say?
Laura is coming back next Tuesday !
Just to see me !
I have hit the jackpot / lottery folks !!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Last night a minute portion of the sky opened
behind the backyard trees
throwing ruddy, golden light
through the limbs
flickering furiously
as the zen flags flapped in the wind.

Ron and I jumped in the car and zipped down to MacDonald Hill
for the end of the day spectacle.

I found my open grassy area
plunked myself down
and stared.

Then the dance begun!
I LOVE this spot
any time of day,
just ask the guys!

Before we knew it
the sun was gone
I stood solely
on the hill
looking out to sea.
I can't believe how fast the sun 
goes down this time of year.
The end of October already.
Time to head back home!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Sit Stay!
How many times do I hear this in one walk?

Sometimes ~ NEVER!

Sometimes ~ ALWAYS!

"I always try to smile when I get that pat on the head!"

This time my SNOOPY SNOOPINESS turned out to be AOK
in the guys eyes.
~ PHEW ~

'Cause sometimes I find
which goes down mighty fast.
Not this time though.
Excuse me I've got to take this corner
my nose is telling me 
there just could be 
to be found!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My world has been upset terribly.
I am worried like everyone else
because of the situation in Ottawa, our nation's capital.

Our world has been taken a turn for the worse.
Life as we knew it before today
has changed forever in Canada.

The globalization of the world has brought
everything closer together
which includes the good and the bad.

We can only be strong 
as stated in our national anthem

Our condolences go out to the families 
who have lost
loved ones.

We will stay 
no matter who or what may want to take that away from us.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Private showing time at a garage sale the other day
with an Ella Fitzgerald, 
a ukulele,
 an adult-rated barracks room ballad album
 to top the bill.
 Laughs all around got the ball rolling.

I wedged in behind Jim taking it slowly
but with determination.

Since it was dark inside at first
after being outside in the bright light,
I couldn't see my head for my tail.

But even if I am shorter than Jim and Ron,
I can help with figuring out what's what
especially under this table.
Anyone need a new / old blender?

Vintage everything covered every piece of furniture
so it took awhile to scan the lot and then take time to 
make a judgement call as to whether it was a sale or not. 

This is what I mean about humans,
if they only had my nose-sniffing 
I could zip & whip 
through that barn in no time flat.
Lickity Split I tell you.

In the meantime I sniffed this clover,
this lonely clover
waiting for the inevitable
a cozy blanket of snow

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am enjoying this week because Hurricane Gonzalo is on it's way!
You say, wha'?
You see the warm southern temperatures are dragged 
unwillingly to the north
which means we feel like it's summer again.
Jim told me this and I do believe him.
He does not lie.

See how serious he is explaining the whole phenomenon.
I listen with bated DOODLE BREATH!

It's coming from that direction
where the glorious sunset lives.

The calmness of these waters will last for only a few hours
because things change on a dime around here.

Even MacDonald House 
is reflecting the expected warm weather.
(No that's not snow but one's imagination could go that far)

So we are ready for this unsettling weather
as you can see the sunset reflecting
in my new/old Matrix car
the guys bought this week.
Psst: I have a new back seat to wave at all my followers now.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


This Thanksgiving Weekend in my part of the world
I managed to see and smell so very much.

In the park pond these three ducks wouldn't have anything to do with me.
~ everything straight into the air for us ~

This monstrous mossy laden tree 
really was an eye-catcher
even for a DOODLE.

Slipping through the side streets of Halifax
is always a colourful treat
with so much construction going on
we found new/old homes
"the nouveau riche"
taking over neighbourhoods.
Very exciting I guess!

Then before we knew it we made a visit to Martinique Beach
a good hour and 1/2 drive from the city.
We came upon a busload of kayakers from the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.
The surf was perfect for them
~ but ~
I only had my eye on Daddy Ron.

~~ SEE ~~
There now do you believe me?!!
Pinpoint DOODLE accuracy for my Daddy.
He is not going to get away from me.

However the moment of tranquility and peace
was sitting in the back seat of the car
as I stared at all these lights
while hamburgers were making their way to us.

The neon lights seemed to have a magic all their own.

Just like I wish for all of your

Have a magical weekend 

from us on our 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


In my world when you are surrounded
like the wild mustangs on the open plains
like Robin Hood and his Merry Men
like the tree canopy of the Applachians
there is bound to be a seedling ~

like this one hiding in the hinoki shrub

wedged neatly within the cupped green needle-like extensions

far below the mother maple tree

not distant from the fothergilla shrub saved from loss years ago

around the corner from mountain ash growing happily with the white pine

where the pine needles fall onto the teak chaise lounger

where high above the Virginia Creeper takes advantage of this year's display

I look up, way up
and smell the air
because it's time for my garden
to ready for slumber,
not until the colour spills everywhere though.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Experiencing a morning like this
gives us a feeling of inner peace
 sustaining us throughout the day.

 The fleeting passage of sunrise
glistens on the dew draped grasses and pebbles along the pathway.

~ grassy dune hillocks wander through the rays of light ~

The boardwalk encourages us to move on

flanked by asters, 
so plentiful this year
 fresh, perky and smothering the wooden trail.

Across the way a heron eyes a morning morsel

while swooping behind us 
and diving into a secure place 
are two herons so silent and aware.

This heron made no hesitation 
heading directly into a tree lined
marshy venue ~

Passing up any chance of finding any food in these grasses.

While all this was going on,
I was playing 
at our weekend yardsale.

I always help Jim in the autumn with this yearly ritual
by sitting very still 
not to scare off customers.
When they aren't looking I 
everyone of them
Don't want anyone to feel left out!