Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My world has been upset terribly.
I am worried like everyone else
because of the situation in Ottawa, our nation's capital.

Our world has been taken a turn for the worse.
Life as we knew it before today
has changed forever in Canada.

The globalization of the world has brought
everything closer together
which includes the good and the bad.

We can only be strong 
as stated in our national anthem

Our condolences go out to the families 
who have lost
loved ones.

We will stay 
no matter who or what may want to take that away from us.


  1. I felt the same way today that I felt on 9/11. It's so stunning that this would happen in Canada. How you feel does change forever. It's innocence and a sense of security that is lost. But the bad guys win only when we succumb to fear. Free and strong means going about your regular lives and not cowering because of the what ifs. My heart goes out to the families of the people killed and wounded. There is something so awful about someone killing a soldier on guard at a war memorial. The murderer was definitely making a statement. I decided in 2001 that I would not change how I live out of fear, and today just reaffirms that decision. I love both of my countries. Thank you for your post, Ron. My heart goes out to you and Jim and all my fellow Canadians. I'm sure SD understands something is wrong. *Belly rub* other. *Hugs* to you guys.

  2. I grew up during the time of the IRA in the UK. We cannot let terrorists make our lives fearful, we MUST continue our lives as peaceful,loving, tolerant Canadians. For all our sakes.
    Jane xxx

  3. A very sad time for our country :( It is shocking what has happened.

  4. We are feeling the shock and sadness of what has happened in Canada too. Your words are so true- the bad seems so close.
    Our hearts are sad in the killing of the soldier...
    Why oh why does there have to be so much hate and madness in our world.?

    We thought of you all today....

  5. My heartfelt thoughts go to you, Ron, Sophie Doodle, and all Canadians, today, who have had their security, safety, and a nation as they knew it, taken away so suddenly. My deepest sympathy , to those who have lost, a man on guard, taken, to his dearest family, condolences from New Zealand. We must stand united against this. Hugs to you all, Jean.

  6. The media images coming out of Ottawa today are indeed shocking and unsettling. I feel so badly for the soldier killed today and the one killed on Monday.

  7. My thoughts are with my Canadian friends. You and Jim are in my thoughts, this was a shocking day for me and I can only imagine how much worse it must be for you guys.

  8. my thoughts turned immediately to my friends I love so much, but then they turned toward those directly involved and the one's whose lives are lost. These events do change our lives forever and seem to bring the horrors of this world closer and closer. We must stay strong and band together to keep moving forward in love and peace.

  9. It was a real shock watching the news unfold yesterday. You are in our thoughts at this difficult time
    Loves, licky kisses and hugs
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. I'm very sorry, Ron, and I pray for Canada.


  11. Many thanks everyone, appreciate all your kindness and support!

  12. What a shame that this had to happen. It's happening far too often and it's absolutely shameful. Our thoughts and prayers are with your countrymen and with the victims and their families ♥

  13. We stand on guard for thee!!!!
    (Who knew I'd ever say that?!?...)


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