Saturday, October 11, 2014


This Thanksgiving Weekend in my part of the world
I managed to see and smell so very much.

In the park pond these three ducks wouldn't have anything to do with me.
~ everything straight into the air for us ~

This monstrous mossy laden tree 
really was an eye-catcher
even for a DOODLE.

Slipping through the side streets of Halifax
is always a colourful treat
with so much construction going on
we found new/old homes
"the nouveau riche"
taking over neighbourhoods.
Very exciting I guess!

Then before we knew it we made a visit to Martinique Beach
a good hour and 1/2 drive from the city.
We came upon a busload of kayakers from the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.
The surf was perfect for them
~ but ~
I only had my eye on Daddy Ron.

~~ SEE ~~
There now do you believe me?!!
Pinpoint DOODLE accuracy for my Daddy.
He is not going to get away from me.

However the moment of tranquility and peace
was sitting in the back seat of the car
as I stared at all these lights
while hamburgers were making their way to us.

The neon lights seemed to have a magic all their own.

Just like I wish for all of your

Have a magical weekend 

from us on our