Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am enjoying this week because Hurricane Gonzalo is on it's way!
You say, wha'?
You see the warm southern temperatures are dragged 
unwillingly to the north
which means we feel like it's summer again.
Jim told me this and I do believe him.
He does not lie.

See how serious he is explaining the whole phenomenon.
I listen with bated DOODLE BREATH!

It's coming from that direction
where the glorious sunset lives.

The calmness of these waters will last for only a few hours
because things change on a dime around here.

Even MacDonald House 
is reflecting the expected warm weather.
(No that's not snow but one's imagination could go that far)

So we are ready for this unsettling weather
as you can see the sunset reflecting
in my new/old Matrix car
the guys bought this week.
Psst: I have a new back seat to wave at all my followers now.