Saturday, October 4, 2014


Experiencing a morning like this
gives us a feeling of inner peace
 sustaining us throughout the day.

 The fleeting passage of sunrise
glistens on the dew draped grasses and pebbles along the pathway.

~ grassy dune hillocks wander through the rays of light ~

The boardwalk encourages us to move on

flanked by asters, 
so plentiful this year
 fresh, perky and smothering the wooden trail.

Across the way a heron eyes a morning morsel

while swooping behind us 
and diving into a secure place 
are two herons so silent and aware.

This heron made no hesitation 
heading directly into a tree lined
marshy venue ~

Passing up any chance of finding any food in these grasses.

While all this was going on,
I was playing 
at our weekend yardsale.

I always help Jim in the autumn with this yearly ritual
by sitting very still 
not to scare off customers.
When they aren't looking I 
everyone of them
Don't want anyone to feel left out!