Thursday, October 2, 2014


Once over the rocks we headed for the river,

flanked by MacDonald House 
 looking very much like Wuthering Heights.
We stopped to dig holes
because Stony Beach is made for "HOLE DIGGIN' " !

Running full speed ahead with an eye on the edge

because the tide is gouging away the sides
of the river as it always does when it is going out.

Here is Jim helping nature eat away at the edge.

While he does that I swim and I fetch.
Far off in the distance in that small beach pool,
everything is viewed under the watchful eye of a heron.

There s/he goes silently over the waters
heading for the salt marsh on the other side of the hill.

Contentment really is all I seek out
and contentment is what I always find.

The sun sets much earlier as we step into fall,
so it's time to retire
talk over the day's events
as we head home
just down the road.