Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Unbeknownst to me and Mr. Orangie
life does continue on
whether fast forward or slow and methodical

This swoop of birds narrowly misses us
as we walk the beach this time of year.

They really have no fear of us
because I suspect they know we come in peace.

Landing far enough away 
affords them time to snatch up morsels.
Those things that are always here in the autumn months.

We were presented with an array of birds the other morning
zipping around above 
catching flies that kept bumping into us.

I swam while Jim took photos of all the birds.

Even this seagull was interested in the excitement
and hovered over us from time to time.

On the ground the waves would sneak up on the birds
making them hop and jump all over the rocks.
Their minds were still on those edibles.

Far off over the lake
you can see more birds
knowing that this place is a goldmine!

Jim always finds his serenity along the edge of the shoreline,

 while I body-surf with the birds
focusing on my nemesis, Mr. Orangie.
So whether pacing slowly or fast like a dart,
our world always gives us what we need