Thursday, May 31, 2012

Towel Time...I'm Shy!

 Front end/Back decide!

 After a good dunk...I always get toweled off.

 Did you guess it right...?

Towel humiliation is rampant 
in my neck of the woods!

I refuse to give up
Mr. Orangie 
until the toweling is complete.

There now...all dry and fluffy!
I guess it ain't so bad,
but when you are under that 
big scary towel
you just never know 
what's going to happen.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inukshuks Galore!

We decided to jump in the car on Sunday
and tour down the coast--the South Shore
dropping in on 
Jim's sister, JoJo 
partner Milan.

We visited and then decided to go further along 
the Blandford Peninsula to Bayswater Beach
for a walk and a swim.

Unbeknownst to us...we were to discover
a family, 
a very large family
(just have a look)

have been popping up in our travels
more than you can imagination.

 Down below me I saw one....!

 Over on the right...I've seen many!

and just recently I saw one
over there 
in the direction of my nose!

To find so many creations in one place
means someone or more
have taken a lot of time and energy
to construct some very interesting
and imaginative outdoor pieces of art.

Thank you!
Who ever you are!

PS: I found this one!

~~~~ winky wink!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Moseying Around!

 Our spring this year has been very kind to us,
(unlike 2011 with rain, fog and infinitum)
And another aspect of pleasure...
I thought would be of major interest is
the lack of flies and marauding blood sucking insects.
With this is mind we are able to appreciate our flowers...
plain and simple!

 Cotton Candy Rhodo blossom....mmmm!

 Stalwart Chives

 Bachelor Button
(purple is on its way)

 Teddy Bear Rhodo Blossom
(near the end of its show)

 That's me, in case you didn't know, pretending to be either
a carpet of blue forget-me-nots or
a mugo pine or
a miniature pick!

 another pink variety of early rhodo...

a PJM variety of Rhodo

and our flowering weeping crabapple...
so soft and deliciously scented

so this is one of my meandering times
early evening 
as the sun  decides to sink 
ever so slowly 
into the west.
I hope you enjoyed viewing my flora as much as
I enjoy showing you.

Must check out the rhubarb
...need some for a recipe!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Early...YES, Early!

My wishes have been answered!
You ask what could I ever want, need or even wish for....well!

 An early morning cruise of the beach...
is what I really look forward to... you see anyone on the beach?
Nope...not this time,
so I can sniff until my heart's content.

 With this warm, slight breezy morning
I checked out the further end of the beach
from the boardwalk steps...

 nothing but beach...beach...and more beach
not a lot of sand but that will appear as if by magic
very always does!

OK...Ron...throw that ball and
I don't even care which one you toss...
really this is such a magical morning.
I feel so alive...
Now, you see why I'm so over the top
with my surprise early morning walk.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Stroll

Hi there,
Take a moment and follow me
through my spring garden.

(Please bare with the convorting
print dancing on the screen...trying to add text to a video
then stabilize it....the video stabilzed but the text decided
to live its own life...
such is the learning process)

This is a sampling of my garden life.
Hope you may have learned something
about plants, nature and my world.

I am staring down my neighbour's doggys
so until next time....

Licks and more Licks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden Chimes

Our garden 
 a month or so ago,
was just waking up from a long winter's nap.
A light breeze was catching the chimes
leaving a sweet sound
throughout this end of the garden.

It just adds to the calmness of our little place
it makes me feel so good inside.

Now the grasses are growing,
the trees are in leaf
and forget-me-nots are spilling over 

I hope you find peace and contentment in your
wee space on this planet
because this is what 
I have found here
and I want to share it with you.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surprise Trip to Martinique Beach!

Unbeknownst to me the guys surprised me
with a trip to Martinique Beach.
You can walk for miles(kms)
on this beach or swim all the way down to the end
if you feel like it.

 I listen very well when I'm happy...really I do my best!

 Oh come on Jim....please please please may I....have the stick?

 I'll bring it back to you...I, so, promise!

 A perfect catch and turn on the 3rd wave.

and as I promised you, Jim...
is returning for another fetch ...
just as I promised!

When the sun shines and fog is far off shore,
Martinique Beach 
is a walkers, surfers, sun worshipers
and I must add runners and fetchers
paradise as well!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flyby On MacDonald Hill

.....and this is what I saw!

I was standing here minding
my own "beeswax"
flew so close to me
that I know if I stood on
my 2 hind legs
I could have touched him...

Listen the next time you helicopter peeps buzz me
(NOT a haircut pun, either)
give me a head's up...
so Ron can get his
video camera ready for
a real cool capture.

And with the unsuccessful capture
of The Flying Doctor's flyby
Ron put this short montage together
with my new favourite music again...!
here are
my doggy teasing rollovers 
with overhead birds 
and wind surfers!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Early Morning FogMist

is just about all I can say 
about my early morning walk today!

  Jim is always good for an "A Ha" moment....

 and he re-assures Ron that the session worked out well.

 Back to the boardwalk for us...

 I zeroed in on Ron on the grass slope....

 while Jim continued to take photos...

 of a surfer in this case!

 My attention was alerted to something in the grass...

 and a little munchkin appeared.

 We played noses for a split second and...

I tore off down the beach to search for
Mr. Orangie who was being
dragged into the surf
right in front of my eyes!

~~~Later that day on top of the hill in the last picture
Ron and I hiked. I'll show you what we saw in the next post!~~~

Until then......!