Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New "Summer Do" Jaunt!

"Listen closely!"
I heard,
as I stood beside Ron 
near the entrance to the park.

A lady needs to show off her new, stylish tresses,
after spending 3 hours at the Doggy Salon!

 Sniffing is intensified when more doggies
show up at the park
especially on a Sunday morning!

See what I mean!
Everywhere "calling cards"
them's is the best, 
you know!

 Exuberance personified
with Jim trying his dangdest to catch me....hah ha ha!

After so much fun and a friendly scratch
from Ron we headed for home.

....where I snagged my favourite spot on the deck
in the sun to catch some Zzzzzz's.....
many Zzzzzzz's!