Saturday, May 19, 2012

Early Morning FogMist

is just about all I can say 
about my early morning walk today!

  Jim is always good for an "A Ha" moment....

 and he re-assures Ron that the session worked out well.

 Back to the boardwalk for us...

 I zeroed in on Ron on the grass slope....

 while Jim continued to take photos...

 of a surfer in this case!

 My attention was alerted to something in the grass...

 and a little munchkin appeared.

 We played noses for a split second and...

I tore off down the beach to search for
Mr. Orangie who was being
dragged into the surf
right in front of my eyes!

~~~Later that day on top of the hill in the last picture
Ron and I hiked. I'll show you what we saw in the next post!~~~

Until then......!