Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Moseying Around!

 Our spring this year has been very kind to us,
(unlike 2011 with rain, fog and infinitum)
And another aspect of pleasure...
I thought would be of major interest is
the lack of flies and marauding blood sucking insects.
With this is mind we are able to appreciate our flowers...
plain and simple!

 Cotton Candy Rhodo blossom....mmmm!

 Stalwart Chives

 Bachelor Button
(purple is on its way)

 Teddy Bear Rhodo Blossom
(near the end of its show)

 That's me, in case you didn't know, pretending to be either
a carpet of blue forget-me-nots or
a mugo pine or
a miniature pick!

 another pink variety of early rhodo...

a PJM variety of Rhodo

and our flowering weeping crabapple...
so soft and deliciously scented

so this is one of my meandering times
early evening 
as the sun  decides to sink 
ever so slowly 
into the west.
I hope you enjoyed viewing my flora as much as
I enjoy showing you.

Must check out the rhubarb
...need some for a recipe!