Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breakfast Time!

Recently after I posted
a few peeps and pups inquired 
as to what I have for breakfast each day.

I am on a Raw Food Menu 
starting with some grains 
from oatmeal to any fiber feeling alternative,
plus veggies like the carrot and apple above
to spinach, left over sweet potato and banana.
Whatever is in the fridge goes into the mix,
I like everything...really I do!

Yummy yogourt just adds that flavour and 
the mixture is much easier to munch and slurp on.

An egg sometimes works its way into the pan.

The guys are conscientious about vitamins, minerals and the like
just like they are for themselves.
The oils are varied as well from olive to fish to grapeseed.

The main ingredient is the meat component
from beef to chicken to pork to organ blends with
bones included twice a week.
I weigh approximately 65 lbs and
with this figure 1-1.25ls of protein
is all I require for a well-rounded meal.

You see me devouring one of my meals,
but before this meal is prepared
I have to help the guys bring
the ingredients into the house.
Got to make myself useful
and get the best reward ever...

~~~My Breakfast~~~

The guys tell me all the time
that I have a great smell
no offensive "you know what" smell
since I've been on this menu.
I tried kibble in my first year or so
and "peeuuuu"
I was always shoed out of the room.
Not this is a major plus for
the Raw Food Menu
and I do feel very healthy.