Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ball Catching Techniques!

Ron and I went to the beach again...!
much later in the day though, 
unlike the 6:30 am visit recently.

It so happened that I managed to practice 
my "ball catching" techniques
pretty much all of them
you'll notice that practice does make perfect!

These are my basic moves in order 
as you view the video...Enjoy!

~~~front paws into the sand dive~~~

~~~1 Bounce Catch ~~~
(a couple times)

~~~"Up Up" Catch~~~

~~~Quick Stop Block Ball Snag~~~

~~~1 Bounce into H2O~~~

~~~Full Kick Down the Beach Catch~~~

~~~2 Bounce Catch~~~

~~~Low Throw Catch in H2O~~~

~~~2 Bounce Catch into H2O~~~

(phew...and all of these manouvres you'll see in the 1st half of the video)

The rest of the video is calming wave action and sniffing
some large grey rocks. 

 For those of you who miss my long hair,
here's a sweet reminder
you'll notice that having my haircut
has not effected my agility or ball catching prowess.