Monday, November 29, 2010

Ears... ^oo^

I don't quite know what the deal is with my ears.
This is what happens every time I go to the off leash dog park in Halifax.
There they go lifting me off the ground again!
Once they start standing up straight like this,
I usually know there is something up...
in this case, two ears! haha!
....sometimes one or more of my floppers seems to disappear
and before I know it they appear again.
I've got to ask the guys about this!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Queensland more time! was one big surprise for me and
I want to share it with you!
I truly believed I would never see this beach again this year.
The three of us jumped into the car and headed south.
We spent an hour and a bit on the roads and 
before we knew it we were on Queensland Beach.

 My exuberance was over the top as usual.
I chased my orange ball up and down the beach.

...returning immediately for instant gratification!

This beach is so very popular in the summer with the entire stretch totally covered in sunbaked bodies. 
The guys used to come here in the '70's and now enjoy the vista when it's less crowded.

So...if you are planning a trip to Nova Scotia
you must visit Queensland Beach,
early before 10am is so relaxing and peaceful.
The sound and scent of the gentle waves lingers in your mind
 remaining with you for some time later.
For me, of course, anytime is the right time!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Quite Winter Yet ;-)

This morning Ron and I headed out to the backyard 
for my morning constitution.
I did some sniffing...
I was awake at 5am due to an ear ache.
Jim took me out 
and so I thought I should check out my property
'cause I'm sure I smelled some mighty strange smells out here earlier!

Pretty much everything gets the once over when I'm on a mission.

Once I made certain the coast was clear
I grabbed a stick and away I went.

can't see me, eh!

Here I out!

A few shakes for my problem ear added in....

Then a rest after all that foolishness!

and by the way, I heard all your pleas to be patient for winter
and guess what I'm listening.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Header transformation...

 from this

to this

to this

et voila! 

With winter around the corner, I asked dad to get my blog ready
for the onslaught of snow, wind and snow angels.
He said, "Why Sophie I will do anything you want,
even if it means we have to see lots of white for awhile."
I said, " That's just fine with me.
I love snow and especially making snow angels
As of today, we've only seen a couple flakes
so I guess I'll have to be patient....come on winter"!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prairie Oyster - Did You Fall in Love With Me

Time for some more singing and dancing!
It's very addictive!
It's just one of those things.

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Time to DANCE!!!!

My dads really like this western Canadian band's music!
Every time they hear it,
they grab me and begin singing and dancing.
So have a listen and enjoy!

"Prairie Oyster - She Won't Be Lonely Long"

and here's proof!

Yeah...I know there are other definitions for Prairie Oysters,
but their music is what we like!
Hope you do as well!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Through the Window!

As I sat patiently in the kitchen window,
I noticed the comings and goings next door.
My neighbour, if you didn't already know, 
is the veterinarian in this area.
They have taken care of me from day one.
The guys actually left me alone as I watched them go next door.
What's going on? 
(and may I add....)
What's going on without me?

Looks like food and celebration!

I was right!
After a time of renovations,
the refurbished clinic is having an 'Open House'

Ron is talking to Dr. Zia and Dr. Weste
during the Open House

This is Lori, Michele and Angela                                  Gloria                                        Bucky--the builder guy

                                                             Dr. Julia Weste and her daughter Natalie are really great with me and my friends. Sometimes I get them mixed up. Yes, there is definitely a resemblance!

This is my gang next door and I feel so safe knowing they are close by. You never know when I may need to go there for something other than sniffing!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deja Vu!

I do remember being here before.
There's just something about the smell, sounds, tastes, sights and how it felt.

I remember the smell...

I remember the sounds....

I remember the taste...

I remember what I saw...

and I remember how I felt then...

So contented and at peace.
I hope this finds you in the same space.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This was FAST!

A couple days ago,
I told you Ron won a photo contest
with this picture...
Well today his prize arrived 
after two nights of deliberating over 78 different styles.
This Keen Brand called Newport Trail WP is super comfortable
and light weight for those 60+ year olds!

As you can see..
he dragged me outside,
then snapped a few pics
and back inside I preceeded 
to fall asleep on the most comfortable shoes/boots ever.
There is only so much a puppy can take with this
'winning contest stuff' !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two crows JOY!

Last week we arrived at PPP(Point Pleasant Park)...
before 10am...
...did you hear!...
before 10 in the morning!
That means we are allowed to walk along the lower road
near the shoreline and harbour.
Halfway around we find a large grassy area 
with a huge and I mean huge...anchor 
which appears to be sticking out of the ground!
Should I ask questions?
or just chase my ball.
I chose the latter, naturally!
An anchor is an anchor, right!?
 So I passed the anchor and kept on going.
 and then I noticed a crow
 It was sitting on this piece of driftwood
very alert and alone...
 but hey, what's that?
There are two crows!
You know what this means....
One crow...sorrow
 As you can see...
My JOY is at the beach
sniffing and searching for 
that one special something...
that could be just about anything that smells great!