Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two crows JOY!

Last week we arrived at PPP(Point Pleasant Park)...
before 10am...
...did you hear!...
before 10 in the morning!
That means we are allowed to walk along the lower road
near the shoreline and harbour.
Halfway around we find a large grassy area 
with a huge and I mean huge...anchor 
which appears to be sticking out of the ground!
Should I ask questions?
or just chase my ball.
I chose the latter, naturally!
An anchor is an anchor, right!?
 So I passed the anchor and kept on going.
 and then I noticed a crow
 It was sitting on this piece of driftwood
very alert and alone...
 but hey, what's that?
There are two crows!
You know what this means....
One crow...sorrow
 As you can see...
My JOY is at the beach
sniffing and searching for 
that one special something...
that could be just about anything that smells great!