Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pride 25

 So last year was Pride 24 in Halifax
and I got to go....
my sweet soul niece, Meghan
met us there and we 'doodle' danced the afternoon away.
 Slightly different this year....
I chose to go to doggy day care
and the guys took off to the big city
to celebrate love and equality.
The streets were alive with dizzying rainbow colours everywhere.
 Float after float expressing the inclusion of LGBT peoples.
 And a major theme that I would have really enjoyed
....lots of doggys showing off their finest dance floor wear....
 The churches wanted to be included and they gladly were.
 But Snoopy captured the guys attention...
 and snagged some treats for me from, you know where,
Three Dog Bakery
 High Schools joined in...
 and in between was a doggy on a mission
 a very stoic poodle
(hey I've seen you at the park)
 Is that Jazz Hands?
No, East Coast Jazz....
 lots of rainbow colours growing out of peoples backs
 and more doggys...
 sweet Rescue Greyhounds wanting some loving
 some actors hamming it up for the guys...
they always seem to do that for my guys!
 See this little feller on the street?
He stole the show...he'd fall to the ground,
everyone would hoot and he jump up with punch
so much fun!
But I think the most fun was the guys
running into Jim's Sis - Mim
Mim's boy toy - Michael
Mim's daughter - Brynn
and Ron's boy toy - Daddio Jim.

Happy Pride


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Splendour in My Grass

 Yes, I think I do blend in...
into my surroundings...
with or without the help
of my Dad.

Take a few moments....and meander these paths 
with me and see where we end up.
Sometimes one has to just take time for themselves
and get lost in nature....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocks and More Rocks!

Sorry for leaving you hanging yesterday.....
 this is what has captured my attention,
so much that a nosedive over the rock face
was the only answer...

Mr. Orangie slipped out of my mouth 
and did a ricochet dance over the edge into
this mini-crevasse!

 See...the split/divide just to the left
of camera man Jim...
(if you were beside him facing this way)
I saved Mr. Orangie from a fate 
worse than death...!

 Time to move on,
so we headed further along the rocks ~~~

 and found this green area
with plenty of low lying vegetation...

 I even found this wading pool
and since I was HOT
I jumped in for a cooling off session....weird colour!?

 Want to see an interesting effect that a telescopic lens can do?
So first....
 look at this picture above...
you see....plenty of rocks, water(bay), and then lighthouse.

you see...."me" playing on the rock with the bay and the lighthouse far in back.

Then, thirdly...
you see....the rocks in front that appear to be connected to the 
lighthouse rock outcrop....
not so much...that bay is still in between eh!

 After all this excitement and playing
camera games....we decided it was time
to head back to the vehicle
over the scrub grasses and barrens...

 and over the granite rocks

a quick dip in my favourite outdoor pool
a retreival
homeward bound!

I hope you may have learned something new
and fresh that gives you an idea of what 
coastal Nova Scotia is like...
if you click 
you'll see more info on
Peggy's Cove 
and maybe some day you may
decide to take 'er in.


PS...Mr Orangie ended up in a crevasse and now calls
the granite rocks

Monday, July 23, 2012

'Way to Close' for Comfort!

 As I people
are either dare devils or just plain missing
the neurons that cultivate common sense...!

These are the waves...that creep up
on unsuspecting novices to Peggy's
and this is a very calm day, so just imagine
what could happen during
a major wind event.....!

 As you can see in front of me 
the rocks are covered in seaweed, slippery kelp
and the swells are continuing...

 with their own dance
 influenced by the moon, the seasons, the winds,
the ocean currents, clear or cloudy skies,
and other factors I am sure.

But when a wave decides to crash...
there is beauty and an 'ooh and aah' moment
but safety is paramount...
for many have lost their lives trying
to experience Peggy's life force.

So needless to say...
the guys have my back and
keep vigilant with my eagerness to explore
and enjoy this special place.

Speaking of exploration...
come back soon 
'like next time'
see why I ended up in this position.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who hasn't heard of Peggy's Cove?

Life, lately has been in need of a major hiccup...
a jostling of the senses,
a refreshing look at my surroundings,
and so we decided to go to
Come along on our adventure 
which I thought I might stretch out
for a few days....

 Our idea of visiting...'taking in'...a tourists' haven
is to go off the beaten track and
view stark beauty from afar...

 boulders abound and from my POV
these guys are mighty big!

 you see they are everywhere...literally
and with the famous lighthouse in the background
the mammoth, granite makes for a lot of hopping
and gingerly maneuvering to work
your way to a perfect vantage point.

 Are you ready?
Well, I've been waiting and 
just as I do all the time
I stand, stare and patiently wait
for everyone to catch up...
you do see me, don't you!?

 Distractions, always something
to take the mind off focus,
off the goal of reaching
another much better view...

 Sometimes a simple 'pas de deux'
dangling the feet over the edge...
what is it with edges and heights?

Not so bad as I had thought....
the waves have Jim's attention
and today the waves are eye-catching.

The pounding swells were relentless
as they always are at Peggy's....
so many people want to truly experience
these waves and crawl down
way to close for safety...
I'll show you next time 
how close they get!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jim and Me on the Hill

There are times when being alone
with your best friend
is all you really need
to feel good inside and whole.

A couple or more, whispery secrets about
special moments
~~~being together or something we've done together~~~
is always good to hear.

Going over the day
and remembering with fondness
always makes me feel 

Have a great weekend everyone...
and find a special time
with your special someone
to have whispery secrets!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peace and rejuvenation

This morning Ron and I slipped out
for a quick 'before-brekkie' beach walk.
I sniffed many new rocks...
funny thing 
there always seems to be new ones
every time I go.
You may wonder how I know this fact...
well, you get to know your beach really well
after daily sojourns...
(don't tell anyone, but I don't know
one rock from another
but they sure are pretty)

Here is a bit of our experience
feeling refreshed and ready for the day....
(oh has a new bucket now!)

Peace Out!