Monday, July 23, 2012

'Way to Close' for Comfort!

 As I people
are either dare devils or just plain missing
the neurons that cultivate common sense...!

These are the waves...that creep up
on unsuspecting novices to Peggy's
and this is a very calm day, so just imagine
what could happen during
a major wind event.....!

 As you can see in front of me 
the rocks are covered in seaweed, slippery kelp
and the swells are continuing...

 with their own dance
 influenced by the moon, the seasons, the winds,
the ocean currents, clear or cloudy skies,
and other factors I am sure.

But when a wave decides to crash...
there is beauty and an 'ooh and aah' moment
but safety is paramount...
for many have lost their lives trying
to experience Peggy's life force.

So needless to say...
the guys have my back and
keep vigilant with my eagerness to explore
and enjoy this special place.

Speaking of exploration...
come back soon 
'like next time'
see why I ended up in this position.