Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocks and More Rocks!

Sorry for leaving you hanging yesterday.....
 this is what has captured my attention,
so much that a nosedive over the rock face
was the only answer...

Mr. Orangie slipped out of my mouth 
and did a ricochet dance over the edge into
this mini-crevasse!

 See...the split/divide just to the left
of camera man Jim...
(if you were beside him facing this way)
I saved Mr. Orangie from a fate 
worse than death...!

 Time to move on,
so we headed further along the rocks ~~~

 and found this green area
with plenty of low lying vegetation...

 I even found this wading pool
and since I was HOT
I jumped in for a cooling off session....weird colour!?

 Want to see an interesting effect that a telescopic lens can do?
So first....
 look at this picture above...
you see....plenty of rocks, water(bay), and then lighthouse.

you see...."me" playing on the rock with the bay and the lighthouse far in back.

Then, thirdly...
you see....the rocks in front that appear to be connected to the 
lighthouse rock outcrop....
not so much...that bay is still in between us...cool eh!

 After all this excitement and playing
camera games....we decided it was time
to head back to the vehicle
over the scrub grasses and barrens...

 and over the granite rocks

a quick dip in my favourite outdoor pool
a retreival
homeward bound!

I hope you may have learned something new
and fresh that gives you an idea of what 
coastal Nova Scotia is like...
if you click 
you'll see more info on
Peggy's Cove 
and maybe some day you may
decide to take 'er in.


PS...Mr Orangie ended up in a crevasse and now calls
the granite rocks