Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who hasn't heard of Peggy's Cove?

Life, lately has been in need of a major hiccup...
a jostling of the senses,
a refreshing look at my surroundings,
and so we decided to go to
Come along on our adventure 
which I thought I might stretch out
for a few days....

 Our idea of visiting...'taking in'...a tourists' haven
is to go off the beaten track and
view stark beauty from afar...

 boulders abound and from my POV
these guys are mighty big!

 you see they are everywhere...literally
and with the famous lighthouse in the background
the mammoth, granite makes for a lot of hopping
and gingerly maneuvering to work
your way to a perfect vantage point.

 Are you ready?
Well, I've been waiting and 
just as I do all the time
I stand, stare and patiently wait
for everyone to catch up...
you do see me, don't you!?

 Distractions, always something
to take the mind off focus,
off the goal of reaching
another much better view...

 Sometimes a simple 'pas de deux'
dangling the feet over the edge...
what is it with edges and heights?

Not so bad as I had thought....
the waves have Jim's attention
and today the waves are eye-catching.

The pounding swells were relentless
as they always are at Peggy's....
so many people want to truly experience
these waves and crawl down
way to close for safety...
I'll show you next time 
how close they get!