Friday, July 13, 2012

Sauntering in the City

 Our city is alive right now
with tourists, vendors, and an extensive
canopied tree cover.
With Jim approaching me gingerly 
my portable water bowl....

 I can pant and feel more refreshed after walking around
our Public Gardens.

 You see I'm not allowed inside these Gardens
because of a city by-law
which I do respect.

All that Victorian Garden beauty wouldn't
look like this if I and a zillion other doggies were 
permitted know what we'd do!

 So casing the joint involves
walking the perimeter
which we do a couple of times
just so we can get some exercise
and see some of the city sites!

like this statue of
Sir Walter Scott
I feel so dignified now....!

 Across the street from the Public Gardens,
this very cool 
(due to the trees and layout) 
walkway and park
permits my kind....

 so Jim and I sit close to the fountain
waiting for a bit of the spray
to waft over and cool us off...
guess what
it does.


~~~love this moment~~~