Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faux Blizzard!

As you already know
we are actually having a winter this year!
Temperatures are low
Snow is falling
Warm layers are a must
Shivers are plenty
Winds are howling

My take on it is
because I have all those bases covered.

I have long fur this winter
long, silky and soft.

Real Blizzards and Faux Blizzards
may chase me back to the house,
but at least I know I can return
after my power snooze.
Do you take power snoozes?

Monday, January 28, 2013

To Tease or Not to Tease

The snow gets me all stirred up inside
and nope I'm not giving up my stick!

There's always time for a moment of reflection,
as Ron tries to catch me.

He just can't catch me
because I'm SuperDoodle
faster than the speed of light....!

nimble as an  'al dente' noodle,
but not as sticky...huh....whatever!

All I knows is Ron is a Mark...
as in
 an easy Mark!
and I can
click ^^ if you wanna dance!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sea Smoke Rising!

I lucked out today and ended up on Conrad's Beach.
Yes it was super cold but look what we saw!

It was everywhere....Sea Smoke!

The same effect when you see steam rising off a surface.

It got my attention that's for sure.

Many tendrils of mist were being siphoned up into the clouds.

As we walked along I noticed the foot prints of someone
who had been here much earlier.

This should give you an idea of how far away this phenomena was from us.

They were dancing along the horizon for as far as the eye could see.

This area used to be a baseball diamond , yes it was in the 1950's!
Hurricane Hazel demolished the land and left these pylons and rocks
in her wake. The mist and the pylons work together in this shot.

This shows you how windy it has been as we walked along.
The sand is covering the snow.

Up and over the further sand dune,
I make sure I'm there first...that's just me.

More sea smoke....really it was everywhere 
and almost made the place seem fantasy like.

You can see frozen salt spray covering these rocks
just another cool angle....

and the sea smoke mimicking the winter dried grasses....

As I gazed from Conrad's Beach,
off in the distance I could see the land bank
which is actually located at the east end of Lawrencetown Beach.
We headed over there after to view this from that vantage point.

SO winter may make you pick up your step,
make you add a few layers for warmth,
make you see your breath...
it however has such beauty that one would not expect
unless you were fortunate to see this in the distance
while we were driving home this morning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Crepuscular Rays

Standing on guard is something I have mastered
especially because Mr. BlueWhistleBall has joined me....!

As an opening in the clouds appeared  I wandered down the boardwalk 
to the beach for a search....a sniff search!
The waters appear to look like platinum or aluminum
with that opening above.

The skies changed just a bit and the rays of light...
became a bit more evident.

My attention was fully engaged
by something hidden under the snow.
I have x-ray sniffer vision, you know.
I was here the other day and I found a tasty morsel.
Shhhh...don't tell anyone why my stomach
was grumbling all night long....shhh!

 I know my guys are excited with sky, water and rocks,
but gees give me a break...
couldn't there be once
 just once
a juicy succulent piece of seaweed, 
unfrozen that is!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Land of Winter

Warning! You may want to add those layers of warm clothing, again!
I managed quite well sniffing stones and iced seaweed
without freezing my nose or toes!

I did however seem to get stuck in this snow...just teasing!
Mr. Orangie needed some attention...that's all!

Up over the snowy covered grass dune path I headed,
catching the scent of something in the air.

A school bus slowly working it's way down the road.
You can smell the exhaust fumes on the wind
which immediately brings you back to reality.
~~~If the cold didn't, the fumes will~~~

That's better~~~fresh air again!

So it seems like we are heading to another vantage point.
One you've all been to before....and if you are new to my doodle world~~~

Bouncing, sniffing sans Mr. Orangie....Huh!
Sometimes one has to experience the real world without any distractions!

My Dads seem to know what they are doing when they keep Mr. O to themselves.
Did I just admit to that?
Well I know I got a lot more sniffing in today....

and I know I had a really "COOL/COLD" time
bounding all over the place.

This view always settles me after I investigate 
every inch of the place.

My world may be going through it's winter period,
but I do know that the warmth that I feel from 
all of you just heats up my heart.

Namaste~~~My Friends~~~Namaste

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crisp and Clear

It's cold here, very cold...!
-11 C (12F)
The gusting winds whip the icing sugar snow flakes
all over the place as Ron and I manage our way down the boardwalk.
I have my one and only layer on,
while Ron slipped into 5 layers, 
usually 6 (apparently he forgot one today)....humans!

Do you see the mist rising off the Atlantic Ocean away out there?
I noticed it immediately.
I guess that means the air is colder than the water.
As I mentioned it's cold here today with an extra wind chill factor 
to make you really feel that air.

But you see, this is my kind of life...!
No bugs nipping at me!
No humidity!
No rashes!
Just plain ol'
lots of snow to eat and sniff.

You'll hear and perhaps feel the coldness,
so an extra layer may be desired for viewing!

See my snow covered face.
This is just a sample of what I really can do to it.

Look Mother Nature left a bare patch
around this post for me to sniff.
Thanks are the best!

My stone loving friends will enjoy a somewhat white view
of the "blueish" stones that cover the beach.
I really think the sand is what really enhances
the blue tones other times of the year.

I have more to show you!

Next time 
in the 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peace and Serenity near the Water

Off for our daily walk,
we dropped in on Maggie and Mim 
and headed out for a 1.5 hour jaunt.

Across the street from Mim's place is a yacht club,
which Ron wanted to see more closely
at the end of the walk.

With the sounds of chimes slightly tinkling,
Ron noticed  that the water in the lower part of this picture wasn't that icy.

This year and the passed three years our winters
have become much milder/warmer.
Of course, this is all relative but for us
it means we can get out and go for walks
all winter long without frost bite,
especially on my puppy toes.

You can see the slight film of ice covering the water
creating some very interesting designs.

The peace and solitude along the water's edge
was such a contrast at this time of year as compared to the summer.

Maggie and I made a point of getting extra lovin's
from this guy as we headed for home.

Jim and Mim,
(hey, that rhymes)
prepared soup and toast
while I licked up all the crumbs.
Only seemed right that I should help out too.

Testing and tasting,
I do believe these two knew what they were doing.

I think that I will show you some pictures
of our walk through the woods and along the shoreline.
You were there with us last November.
You'll see here Part 1 and here Part 2!