Sunday, January 13, 2013

I See You!!!

Yes it was the end of a long walk at the park,
and Ron got it into his head that he wanted to take 
some pictures of me and Jim
crossing the road to the entry of the park.
Now do I have any say?

Glancing to my left~~~~I saw Ron with his trusty camera snapping away!

I'm pretty good at sitting still and
since all of my DoodleNess
had been calmed down,
I could sit and just take in the moment.

These guys are pretty good at taking care of me
and it's the least I could do~~~~~sit, stay and stare!

 You know what?
I feel like you guys are no more than a dog's hair away from me.
If you are that close, 
then I trust that by staring long and hard enough
 I will be able to see you.
Yup, I see you!