Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Red Caper

With the exilerating, refreshing winter weather we are having,
our visits to the park are much more uplifting
because we are meeting dog walkers and joggers
all with the same view
~~~Get Out There and Enjoy~~~
It's only winter so what if it's cold
it makes you move faster and laugh harder.

So this little black munchkin popped up around the corner 
as we descended the hill
the other morning,
all decked out in his red finery
 Clancey's his name.
What do you think of his red cape?

I think it's the "cat's meow" or
the "doggy's woof"
whichever suits your fancy.

All I know is this lady had me in the palm of her hands.
I will do anything ladies ask of me.

I got what I wanted~~~a treat!
So follow me.

Just around the bend I ran into these 2 Poodles/Doodles.
They were full of vim and vigour just like me.

We had a tete a tete!
Sniff here and a sniff there(you know where)!
A conflab of ginornmous proportions and 
scooted off down the road passed this view.

I really love our world,
especially in the winter!

~~~more to come~~~