Friday, August 30, 2013


Hi Maggie !
I can see you in there.

Open the door,
please open the door.

Hi Maggie!
I am HAPPY now !

Let's go for a walk out back and head down to Chocolate Lake.
( Chocolate as in 1/2 my DNA ~~~ Chocolate Lab ~~ LOL )

We are having a ball fetching
tail slapping
super panting
time in the lake
(which apparently was off limits at this entry to doggies ~~ opps )

Oh well, tired and exhausted and feeling super giddy
I sit staring at the nutty humans having a relaxing siesta
eating Fudgsicles and coffee with "sneaky" in it ~~ HUH !?!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm always over the top surprised lately
especially when I reached the park
within minutes Maggie showed up with her Mom, Mim.

Mim is Jim's sista !
Same smile gives it all away right !?!

Deep discussion while Maggie and I
saunter along waiting for the right moment,
to dive into the water ~~~ soon very soon !

Here we are having a whale of a time.
(No whales were hurt in the production of this video)

Maggie IS FAST !

She has strong paw action and loves to fetch just like me.

Look who has Mr. Orangie !?!
I have Maggie's Yellow Tennis Ball.
Sharing again !!!

One more leap for DOGKIND !!

We really could have hung out here all day ~~~

But Mim asked us over to her house
  for caesar salad with chicken.
Aah, YUM !!

I might add that Mim is a blast and had us in stitches 
for the whole walk.

Thanks Maggie and Mim !!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We are back on the beach absorbed in my favourite sport!
Jim is an expert thrower
I have no complaints at all.

So let's get some SHAKING on between rounds!
(in this case rainbow shaking)

Let's try it again!
Notice how fast I am, 
I'm ahead of the ball.

with some
 'focal zoom' 
always makes me dizzy.

Tireless ~~~ energetic, vigorous and determined
that suits me to a T.

I'm all wound up and ready,
  to DANCE!
There's one more way to

Let's SHAKE  your booty!!


Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hey Jim, "Where are you off too?"

On the border of our 2 provinces 
on the green green grass ~~~
now why would Jim
just turn around and leave?

Oh, I bet I know why?
A Nature Call !

Here he comes back already.

That was super quick, Daddio.
Gees, this wind is strong today!

Oh, a Water Break !
I worked up a thirst
playing on this open expanse
Jim knows exactly
what I need !!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Look what I found growing in the tidal grass
This is the first time I've seen any growing here.
Looks like a perfect bouquet.

So let's move on
with Mr. O of course,
maybe a quick tap 
with my paw will perk him up,

or a cooling glide in the Lawrencetown River
to make some DOODLE BUBBLES again!

This time some ginormous FULL BUBBLES.

 I know you can see them "gullygully"
not bad for a Doodle, eh?!

The river is mighty speedy today 
because we have arrived near the end of the
ebbtide when it's the fastest and most dangerous.

From bright clear skies
to a fog bank rolling in

you could hardly see the car parked over there.

I can show you now how fast the river was
so get ready.

I thought I should show you how excited 
I was playing in the sand after the river swim.
for you?

Well, with everything perfect for me today,
a good rubdown
before going home
puts the icing on my

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This day I pause just for a breather.

 Just like this hummer in the backyard

and this Junco in the spruce tree

I marvel at the Korean Fir cones
on this prostrate version
so plentiful

The clematis seedpods are looking just fine.

Sniffing the grasses and small plants 
even the poppy that has popped up
after a few years of not seeing any.

These originated in Ron's Mom's garden 
almost 15+ years old.
Quite lovely.

But I think the sunset tonight
just put the topping on my perfect day.

I can only hope and pray that your day 
is just as serene and fulfilling.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Our dune grasses are feeling the effects of the North Atlantic offshore breezes,

as Jim and I trudge along the soft sands near the out of sight river.

I manage to keep Mr. O in check, always!
(The video will show you)

OK Ron!
What's with you hanging out over here?

You know I have to round you up

every time we get separated.

I've got Mr. O,
so everything is A O K !

Now fall into place 
and get yourself back over here.

Do you see Jim waving 
just in case you can't see us?

Always something to distract.

Yes it is a beautiful white rock,
but distance is unacceptable.

I'm coming to round you up again!!