Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Every year we seem to send up at Peggy's Cove
when the weather is so perfect, so clear and bight.
Come along and see what we saw yesterday.

Plenty of rocks for me to hop over

and plenty of waves for the guys 

this pool was waiting for me and Mr. Orangie

then the waves started

and continued

the pool and the waves what more could we ask for

there's me in the upper right hand corner

there's Jim laying down in the upper right hand corner

there's me looking at Ron taking a picture of me and Jim

The village of Peggy's Cove in the distance was inundated with tourists
which is understandable but we prefer the peace and quiet of the off-road
trail especially when the waves are like this.

either way we looked
 the view was impressive

Here's a video of the wave action
(sorry for the noisy reception but at least you
can get the feel of the power of the waves here)

Come back again
I'll show you what I'm looking at.