Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm always over the top surprised lately
especially when I reached the park
within minutes Maggie showed up with her Mom, Mim.

Mim is Jim's sista !
Same smile gives it all away right !?!

Deep discussion while Maggie and I
saunter along waiting for the right moment,
to dive into the water ~~~ soon very soon !

Here we are having a whale of a time.
(No whales were hurt in the production of this video)

Maggie IS FAST !

She has strong paw action and loves to fetch just like me.

Look who has Mr. Orangie !?!
I have Maggie's Yellow Tennis Ball.
Sharing again !!!

One more leap for DOGKIND !!

We really could have hung out here all day ~~~

But Mim asked us over to her house
  for caesar salad with chicken.
Aah, YUM !!

I might add that Mim is a blast and had us in stitches 
for the whole walk.

Thanks Maggie and Mim !!