Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Bright (not so much)
Early (maybe too late)
Atmosphere ('tis indeed)
alas no meteors to be seen.

Standing patiently 
while Jim plays
 with his new phone.
Yoh, everyone we are now "cellified"
or "mobilizied"
for the international crew.

 "Now Sophie everything will be OK
It's a human thing
it's called 'technology'
it's taking over our world
but not your Doodle World," whispers Jim.
How many times have I heard this?!

Patience, again!
I am waiting for the trek home for breakfast.
So Ron takes a picture of Jim taking a picture of grass.
I rest my case and I'll leave it at that.

Now for a ~~~ 
'I have conquered something pose' a la Jim.
Humour him, won't you.

You know this fogginess is mighty unnerving. 
Can you see those two eyes looking at me 
at the end of the boardwalk.
Squint ~~ Look very closely.
Should we go down there?

It's just the 2 lights on the changing house.
This foggy stuff can be very disconcerting sometimes.


OK, once we pass this area
we'll be on the home stretch
for brekkie!!!