Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Bright (not so much)
Early (maybe too late)
Atmosphere ('tis indeed)
alas no meteors to be seen.

Standing patiently 
while Jim plays
 with his new phone.
Yoh, everyone we are now "cellified"
or "mobilizied"
for the international crew.

 "Now Sophie everything will be OK
It's a human thing
it's called 'technology'
it's taking over our world
but not your Doodle World," whispers Jim.
How many times have I heard this?!

Patience, again!
I am waiting for the trek home for breakfast.
So Ron takes a picture of Jim taking a picture of grass.
I rest my case and I'll leave it at that.

Now for a ~~~ 
'I have conquered something pose' a la Jim.
Humour him, won't you.

You know this fogginess is mighty unnerving. 
Can you see those two eyes looking at me 
at the end of the boardwalk.
Squint ~~ Look very closely.
Should we go down there?

It's just the 2 lights on the changing house.
This foggy stuff can be very disconcerting sometimes.


OK, once we pass this area
we'll be on the home stretch
for brekkie!!!



  1. Do you still use fog horns in the maritimes?

    1. Uh huh!!

      You can still hear the mournful cry of these horns whenever you are near the area they need them most.

      So very Agatha Christie ~~~ The Night the Foghorn Blew!!!!!

  2. What a big difference from a few days ago. Is it an early sign of autumn? Our summer weather has turned decidedly more unsettled, so lets hope that summer hasn't gone for good!
    Don't worry Sophie, one thing is for sure with our humans and technology. As soon as we have the hang of the item, a newer model has been introduced.

    1. Phew, Craig ~~ I was afraid the guys would be bored, so I have manufactured obsolescence to control them for ever.


      Yes, autumn is definitely in the air. We noticed the grasses turning colour on this walk and that the air is super fresh, almost verging on crisp. Not totally frosty or anything but just cool. We love this weather. We are definitely Fall, Winter, Spring people. Our summers have changed since our childhood more humid and sticky like the south.



  3. Taking pictures of grass. That about sums up technology...BOL!

    We love your eerie fog.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Hey,


      a piece of grass,

      quick take a picture!

      Far out man!!!

  4. I try not to be "mobilised"....whatever did we do before mobile phones :-)
    Yes, seems that the hot summer days are coming to an end, very much chillier here now too :-(
    Those eyes in the fog were definitely eerie Sophie!

    1. The eyes had me transfixed. I kept staring wondering if I was going to have to put on my SUPERDOODLECAPE and save the guys!!

      The smart phone has email/Facebook/ and more so we are attache to the world, the whole world. OK will we ever see Jim again? Time will tell!!!!

  5. I love fog...creepy and fun! Except when I'm driving. Then I don't like it at all.

    Great photos! I love the eerie eyes looking at you through the fog.

    1. Fog is fun when you don't have to worry about who's coming toward you on a road. The fog rolled in so thick this morning and by the time we returned too the car you hardly see it.
      One thing I noticed was that the colours were more pronounced!!

      Such is life along the ocean shore!

  6. Too bad about the meteor showers, but that fog sure is beautiful. And I love the picture of Ron taking a picture of Jim taking a picture. Sophie should have a camera.

    1. Maybe a GoPro attached to Sophie somehow and she could REALLY show us her POV !!!

      You never know Xmas is coming!

  7. YIKES!! We were all shouting "Sophie Nooooooooo!", when we saw the eyes. Well , it could have been a sea monster or anything!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

    1. You got that right, Pontiac (a saying we picked up on a TV commercial back in the 1970's) We are so Disco Era!!!! LOL

      Now for those glaring fog eyes I know I could handle them with a swipe of my Doodle Tail!!

      All the best JaneDoodle and ChrisDoodle!!

      Sophie *clearing away the scary sights* Doodle here!!

  8. Sophie ...we are scared our mom says fog can swallow you up.
    Oh never mind now she says it is just a saying, a tall tale. Me and Cricket have no tail? Okay sorry Soph I digress.
    Bark on.
    Gabby Terrier

    1. Digression makes the world go around
      the world go around
      the world go around

      sorry I digress!!

      Listen you Mom is no FooL, she knows the truth about everything so LISTEN to her every word. FOG is a swallow-upper and never spits you out unless you eat some sour candies or something. Be oh so careful, Gabby Terrier, Cricker and Jayda ~~ PUHLEASEE!!!

      Sophie here

  9. Hi Y'all!

    What a mysterious and exciting day. We didn't get any meteors either...or rather the weather prevented them from being visible.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Tomorrow, 8/15 my post has some awards for y'all.

    1. Oh Hawk ~~~ I'm trotting over/HECK hopping over to check out your award ~~ you are always so giving!

      No meteors here, but at least I got an early morning walk ~~ that is just as exciting and satisfying for little ol' me!


      Hopping over NOW!!!


  10. We are in the fog right now
    Benny & Lily

    1. Snotrts ~~ love this new word or is it a whoop-dee-doo finger juggle on the keyboard.

      No matter still wuv it!!

      Sophie *enjoyink the sun now* Doodle here!!


  11. Heeeeeelllllooooooo-wwwwwieeeeeee! ;)))) Puh, it´s weekend.

    Hm, looks like autum in your pics, Ron. And it looks cold too... Here it´s sunny, warm. ;D!

    *hehehe* I have a phone too, but I really can just phone with it. It has so many functions I will never ever get them... *lol*

    I´am 3 days off. Yay me. 300 h this month. *orghs* :PPPP

    1. YAY YOU, 300 hrs means mucho$ in the bank!!!

      Actually it isn't cold.

      It's not so warm, some times, for lack of a better way of saying it.

      Beautiful early fall feeling and we LOVE it!

      Sophie here

    2. But there is no time to spent the money... *sniffs* :P

  12. Hey Sophie! Last year I sat out on the deck all night looking for those dang meteors! I saw a few. This year I just went to bed! Maybe next year! Loved your fog photos! And tell Jim I totally get him taking pictures of grass! I'm seeing signs of fall here in Colorado too!

    1. LouLouDoodle is back!

      HEY, YOU, It's your ^^ Coolness ^^^

      So glad you had a great Reno visit.

      I know the meteors really pulled a fast one on us. Bright evening and BAM foggerino takes it good ol' time and covers up all the fun.

      Not a happy camper, but at least the the early morning fog shots were an unexpected pleasure.

      Sophie Doodle here!!

  13. Too bad the fog kept you from viewing the meteors (too cloudy here), but it mad for some beautiful early morning shots.

    1. I guess the clouds took over everywhere.

      I haven't heard that anyone saw the meteors.

      Next year for sure!!

      Hugs and Nudges

  14. ohhh such beautiful photos-- we can "feel" your world.


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