Friday, April 22, 2016


Hola!Ciao!Hello! Kia Ora!
Our Peace and Joy 
are always reconfirmed 
when we visit 
Martinique Beach

This day was by chance!
We discovered the sunshine
the tempered breezes
the long beach
the shells
the expectant sea glass
the joy of my "SOPHIEDOODLE DADS"
as we ventured down the expanse.

The waves were so perfect
so long
so relentless with their spin-drift

from so many angles
the waves slowly grew and the winds
seized the spray
holding it
relinquishing it's hold
as it trailed down the beach

the sea gulls hovered the freshly deposited seaweed and kelp

while I lay sprawled in ecstasy
in the chocolate brown
camouflage mass

even though we didn't stay into the evening
I dreamed of the waves
as I thought they would be like
as the moonlight
captured the energy
of this space on the planet we love so much!

Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

FOG ALARM ¸¸.•*¨*•

The fog has settled in
so come along
why don't you ~

ambling along my favourite paths
in my favourite park ~

with my 2 favourite guys
and their trusty cameras ~ 

sometimes can be dark and foreboding ~

but once we spend an hour 
walking the paths
we sometimes head for the streets ~~

where the colours are brighter and seem to pop ~

always paying attention to rules of the road
even if the fog horn
sounds in the background!!

and one last photo capture
of a cyclist waiting for a light change
in the fog (by Jim)!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Our crocus have burst forth as the days get warmer
and sun spends more time thawing the garden.
This is our favourite time of the year

I will sit on guard because I know my duty
after nine years of roaming my garden.
(I apologize for the occasional blurriness!)

From blurriness comes a work of art!
Perhaps the beginnings of
a new rug
a watercolour
an oil painting
whatever the imagination conjures!
You decide!!!