Monday, November 12, 2012

Fro'lick Time

The beautiful calm before the storm 
(or romp in my case)!

As we reach the crest of the hill 
my magic sniffer picks up on a familiar,
yet unfamiliar scent.

I know I look a little blurry in this photo,
but look what's in the tree on the left.
We didn't even notice it there,
until we started going through these pics.
(Remembrance Day Poppies don't grown on trees do they?)

Finally we reached the soccer field 
and there was this white Portuguese Water Dog.
Who knew they came in pure white.

We had a blast fro'licking and playing.

Speed we teased each other up and down the field.

A tag-along tried to keep up but to no avail.

We just had some plain good ol' fun like dogs do...!
What's with the 'talky' humans anyway?
Don't they even notice how much fun we are having!?