Thursday, November 15, 2012

Couple Of Minutes of Sweet Fun!

 Oh Hi, once again!
My world seems to be either beautiful parkland walks
or expansive sandy beach strolls.

The beach today is rainy and overcast.
Humans seem to avoid coming here when it's inclement.
I love it...I could care less if a raindrop hits me or not.

just a couple minutes of sweet fun

You didn't see Daddy Jim, did you?

Nope, neither did I.
He stayed home today not wanting to endure
the rain and cool winds.
Didn't I tell you about humans!

I know I've seem better days on my beautiful beach,
but hey, when you are the only one here
wouldn't you love to be one with nature.

It makes me so calm and focused.
Mother Nature has a settling way with her offering today,
so relaxing and peaceful.