Friday, November 9, 2012


~~~For 11/11/12~~~
Every year at this time my Dad, Ron
takes some time to remember his Dad, Gordon
who was a flying ace in WWII.

The cruelty of war prevented Ron from getting to know
his father because while in training for the Korean War in 1952
his plane 'flamed out' and crashed 
leaving the family fatherless.

Many stories were told to help keep his memory alive,
with many picture albums showing the countries he visited
and the successes he had while there.

But I think the best memory of all 
is this picture above
of Ron's Mom and Dad dancing.
Can you see why?

If you are interested in WWII facts
click here
and you'll see the history
of Gordon Troke's war years.

So as we trekked along our favourite path at Point Pleasant Park recently, 
you can see the monument and Canadian flag erected 
(in this case to the naval war heroes).

Memories are but a split moment away in our world
because we are a naval and air force city.

While even in our own backyard this oriental poppy from the summer
reminds us of the poppies of Flanders Fields.

May this find you and yours with
Peace and Love!