Thursday, November 22, 2012

MORE New Discoveries with Maggie...Pt 2

Here is my surprise for you...!
I know
We are swimming, 
well this little beach
is at the other end of this inlet 
with Point Pleasant Park 
down by that little island 
on the horizon.

Maggie and I spent so much time fetching and swimming.
Did I tell you that I slept like a baby that night.

This 2 minutes video will show you how good
Maggie and I get along and how much we love to swim!

Maggie is fast!
Super fast.

With all this exercise under our belts
we decided to continue our stroll.

Along the seawall we ventured,
I was a bit concerned about Daddy Jim
falling in...what do you think?
Close to the edge he was!

We made it around that corner
and Maggie grabbed a stick.
Hey, I'm going to get you!

What is this tower?
I'm thinking 
Tower of London
or something mighty scary
for dogs and humans alike.

These grounds were donated
by Sir Sandford Fleming
(the creator of universal standard time)
to the city in the 1880's.
The tower was designated a national historic site
only 3 years ago.

With all this historic information making my head spin
we headed off down another path and ran into a lady
with her short haired Collie who happened to be the same
person we met a couple days earlier at Point Pleasant Park.
Small world!

We were getting closer to the end of this exciting new adventure.
With a teasing nudge and a 'tag your it'
we ran down the last path.

Now that was the best walk in a very long time.
Oh yeah, did I happen to mention I slept very well that night.
I guess I am repeating myself.

Thanks for coming along.
I hope you had a great time.