Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aliens...I tell you!

This soft, brown, salty carpet of seaweed appeared on the shore
after Super Storm Sandy passed by...
and yes I am standing in the middle of it.

This camouflage moment is truly uncanny, 
see how 
I match the colours on the beach....

and behind me the surfers took full advantage of Sandy...
I guess the perfect waves were the attraction.

But here is the gist of my story today...
I found a 3-legged creature's footprints
made of stone or perhaps they turned to stone.

I'm outta here...just plain creepy.

I ended up on MacDonald Hill and
this is what I saw below....

a lone paddle surfer either learning the ropes or an introvert...

and a doggy and owner watching the tide 
coming in around them...
*watch out*
 super wet ain't half of what's going to happen to you!

But folks,
my mind keeps trailing back to the boardwalk..
~~~I tell you~~~
Aliens have landed 
we better head for the hills!