Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Discoveries with Maggie! Pt 1

Big surprise invitation today
from Mim (Daddy Jim's sis)and Maggie
(you'll see me playing with Maggie in my new header!)

We are going on a long walk of discovery
and we want you to come along too.
We passed this view of the North West Arm and 
the Armdale Yacht Squadron.
This view is located at the north end of the inlet 
at the far south end.

Before we reached the entrance to this new "to us" park
we had to walk a very long distance along the city streets.
I am very used to this and Maggie is getting much better at it.

We reached one of the accesses and after Maggie gave it an OK sniff...

We sat dutifully while we were unleashed
Notice me checking out Maggie and
 Daddy Jim using his hand signal
which I didn't even!

 We are in

This is the Frog Pond 
which is home to much wildlife
and a perfect skating rink 
come winter.

This fellow was checking out the ducks
as we drifted by 
 the place is as serene as you see here.

Every once in awhile Mim tested us on
being obedient. She knows her stuff because she used to have
a number of Pitbulls....long story and a good one.

Up the hills we trekked with us scouting out ahead.

Long paths in front of us covered in fallen oak leaves, in this case.
Maggie and I sniffed and you can just imagine the new scents we encountered.

Come on Maggie!
Let's show them what we found.

This narrow road on a steep hill with this churchy looking building
and family homes up above.
But what was ahead of us was the
piece de resistance!

We can't believe our eyes and
we can't stop running!

~~~full speed ahead~~~

Come Back Next Time 
I'll show you what we found!